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How many times have you completed KOTOR 1 + 2?

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kotor 1, 1 ls male and when ds from the temple on same character. have yet since then to even collect 3 of the four maps before i start over :-


kotor 2 i had more luck with beat 3 times all 3 were as ls male. that was in the first two weeks i had yet to finish since. currently on trying beat it again.

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kotor i: 9 - male & female ls; ds ending for both

kotor ii: 2 - male & female ls


i can't bring myself to the 'darkside' but i will... i will see the fun in it. its my plan^_^

i cant play kotor i ds because i gave the cd to my friend so she can finally see what ive been ranting & raving about.



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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Kotor2 - completed twice (LS/DS), done everything but Malachor maybe...uh....a dozen times? I don't know I've lost count, and sometimes I just load save games and replay sections, so who knows, really. Always female.


Kotor1 - bought it, installed it, got the Wookie, haven't touched it since.

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Kotor 1- 12 times, all female

Kotor 2- 4 times, all female, one male (for handmaiden story)


Nah wild my bro said he prefered female over male too.


Swinny...go to hell and take your sexist remarks with u.


yeah... fine ... i'll go to hell where all the horrid stuff in the world is, like your personality and pathetic attempts at insulting people :lol:"

'I did it all for the wookies'

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KOTOR 1:about 15 times,and I played everyone(male female light dark smuggler soldier and scout)


KOTOR 2:I think 10 times ore more(female male dark light consular sentinel guardian)



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