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  1. Kotor 1 =5 times Kotor 2 = 2 times but now with the pacth I'll play it 2 more times for sure....
  2. Only one....... Darth Revan and is not in the vote.... :'(
  3. Maybe we will see Revan at the Backround of all things. If you remenber in classic trilogy of Star Wars, the emperor has given all the orders from the backround, and Vader execute them. If they want to make a trilogy (maybe you don't know) you will see Dark Lord Revan as Emperor , behind all the Sith Lords, and have his apprentice or many apprentices, to do all the dirty work, and the only moment is to see him/her to give orders to his apprentice, and leave to a unknown place, maybe his Castle ? <_< Or maybe not :ph34r:
  4. And what about Mission ? Nobody said anything about her. She was great in the first game.
  5. An interesting part in KOTOR 1 was when you lured Juhani to kill the man who have enslaved her at the past. I'd like to see more on this at KOTOR 2. If you can lure him or her to the Dark or Light sight with your guidance or your abilities that will be great.
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