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How many times have you completed KOTOR 1 + 2?

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K1 - 5 or 6 times, ready to go back and do it again.

K2 - 6 times so far


Of the hundreds of games I've bought and played over 20 years, both have earned space on the 'special' shelf, reserved for those that will never grow old. Some pretty prestigious titles have never made that cut.

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Kotor2 - completed twice (LS/DS), done everything but Malachor maybe...uh....a dozen times? I don't know I've lost count, and sometimes I just load save games and replay sections, so who knows, really. Always female.


Kotor1 - bought it, installed it, got the Wookie, haven't touched it since.

It is much much better once you pass the wookie (geez, that's just in the Taris undercity! You haven't even got to the Rancor beast! Or the mandatory Swoop race to win Bastila. You really should persevere ...


KotOR -- about a dozen times

KotOR2 - hmm, completely finished twice, but I started again once I got to the last planet on my first play-through (didn't like my PC), and I've done the beginning a few times and the end a few times and a lot of the middle planets a few times each. But I hate the ending sooo much I really get disheartened trying to play it through. And the beginning is sooooo long an linear.




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