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    O.o Am I expected to say anything other than Knights of the Old Republic? o.O That's all I care about, at the moment. :P
  1. Oh. Okay. Is there a way I can delete this, then?
  2. I'm not sure if this thread should be posted here or in the spoiler section...my apologies if I've broken some form of protocol. Have you ever had any dreams related to KotOR? If so, please share. I've had close to 1,091.97 dreams from my dear KotOR (yes, I count them " ). I had a particularly interesting one the other night... I dreamed that my Exile was DS, but apparently hadn't gained enough influence with Disciple to drag him down with her. However, he was still head-over-heels for her. So, my Exile is walking along (complete with scary face ) and then Disciple is suddenly like, "Oh, my darling--! You know I love you so, but I fear that our paths are far too different...we cannot be together." Now, this is all well and good, considering I've never liked Disciple anyway. But then my Exile said something to the extent of, "We cannot let light and dark separate us! I can learn to live with your goodness, and you can accept my badness." Disciple agreed, but then he disappeared, leaving my Exile to wander around in slow-motion in the rain. It was weird. Very, very weird. But yeah. I'd be interested in hearing of your KotOR dreams. :D
  3. Hey guys, back on topic? This may be a bit of a stretch, but I think I'm a bit like Mandalore in ways....very driven. I guess I have higher standards than him, but it all works out, aye? ^_^
  4. Oh, here's another strange thing that happened to me: Towards the beginning of the game, I went onto my ship, then there was some cutscene with someone. Once I regained control of my character, she was in her skivvies. I checked my inventory, and the clothes that she had been wearing were gone. Never saw them the rest of the game. O.o
  5. Goodness, I should think not. Considering there's a fair number of fights you'd be forced into, you'd get annihilated if you had avoided hordes of enemies.
  6. Horns and tattoos on his face is bland? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hm...I worded that weird. I meant his personality. He seems kind of a boring guy, at first...
  7. Good question. I believe I'm a mix of the following: Bao-Dur: Calm, hard to rile, and rather bland at first glance. Visas: Has an air of mystery, but also of purpose. Not trusted by some, also bearing grudges that inevitably must be released. T3-M4: Come now. I'm short, cute, and nobody likes me. Eh...there's probably more that I'm like, but I can't think of them at the moment.
  8. 1. Kreia 2. Mandalore 3. Sion 4. Visas 5. Atton Those were the top, in my opinion.
  9. Oh dear...it doesn't seem to be working for me. It's frozen. Maybe due to my dial-up?
  10. Heh...those were great, you guys! XD Especially the army of Bao-Durs...oh my. (w00t) Besides some that have already been mentioned, I have also run into a small number of amusing glitches. One of these was upon returning to the Ebon Hawk (I believe it was on Dantooine) my character suddenly started walking around in outer space. The interior of the Hawk had disappeared entirely, and all I could see was a dwarf-ish version of my character, and a very glowy galaxy. 'Twas interesting!
  11. Let's see...what is it I said to Atton towards the beginning of the game? Oh yes! "You think Kreia's good looking? I think you've been locked inside the force cage too long." Or something to that extent. This thread is wacked. o.o'
  12. Oi. o.o Sounds like the guys get the better end of the deal whilst playing it, aye?
  13. Pbbth, Carth is much cuter than that. Nope, I haven't found any good look-alikes so far. Yup.
  14. I completed the first only once, though I restarted it several times. I can only play the game when my sister or brother visit, so the chances are few and far between. On Friday I beat the second game, and today I started a DS file. Yay for me!
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