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Most loved Kotor badguy

Your favorite kotor badguy?  

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  1. 1. Your favorite kotor badguy?

    • Darth Malak
    • Darth Bandon
    • Calo Nord
    • Saul Carath
    • Evil Bastila
    • Darth Kriea
    • Darth Sion
    • Darth Nihilus

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As purely a bad guy, Calo Nord. Very tough, tended to show up at the most inconvenient times, and there's just something 'cold and inhuman' about him. Malak was very traditional, so slightly less interesting.


Can't consider Kreia, because while she was easily one of the best characters I've seen created, I'm not so sure she was a 'bad guy'. That goes for Revan too.

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In K1 they had.


I wanted to play as a Consular so I thought that starting a Scoundrel would be a good idea but then I ended up being shorter than Trask and gone like WTF? :p


So I ended up being a Soldier/Consular who was great in saber combat and in Force knowledge. ;)

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Davik :thumbsup: Reminded me of the good ole Mafia Ganters. No but seriously I'd go for Darth Malak. The classic bad guy theme that you don't see too much. Not to mention Darth Malak had alot of depth to him (Second to Kreia though) being as how Revan and Malak had a history with each other.


BTW what the hell ever happened to Malak's mouth?

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Kreia, IMO was never really a "bad guy". She was a crazy b*tch, but never a bad guy. Calo Nord, on the hand, was an arrogant SOB I wanted to waste from the first second I saw him. And Malak, well he was just a pathetic attempt at a Darth Vader-like Sith Lord. He was like a kiddie version of Darth Vader, safe and very Bioware.

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