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  1. The Force and the double bladed lightsaber.
  2. Never use: Droids Hanharr Kreia Use a lot: Atton Handmaiden Mandalore
  3. Arcane Trickster 29% Combativeness, 60% Sneakiness, 70% Intellect, 47% Spirituality Brilliant and sneaky: You are an Arcane Trickster! Score! You have a prestige class. A prestige class can only be taken after you've fulfilled certain requirements. This may mean that you're an exceptionally talented person, but it probably doesn't. Arcane Tricksters combine arcane magic with rogue skills and sensibilities. They use their magic to confuse their opponents or to augment their more mundane, roguish skills. If you thought it was annoying keeping an eye that that rogue, the Arcane T
  4. GREEN, of course! At least for me. (I like silver too.)
  5. I think it looks like the alien from the "Alien" movies.
  6. Taking back the lightsaber and some hoods on the robes. Or why not everything at once? Everyone would be happy!
  7. I like his nose! It's so special...
  8. Ocelot in MGS3.... Because he's handsome.
  9. I don't use him so much when I play, but he's ok. One I don't use at all is Hanharr.
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