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  1. Duh, of coarse, it makes you want to play the game again..and even though your powered up, it still takes 15hrs-20hrs to finish...
  2. Thats not the point. I use them to make the game less boring..thats what a mod does..."adds longevity to the game" Thanks Titos, that helps a litle. Anymore? Don't Triple-Post... Edit is your friend -Battlewookiee
  3. Ok, i have played practically every KotOr and Kotor II mod save I could find. I am so bored of them, and I notice how the PC has the best mods. Does anyone know of any saves that are coming out soon for Xbox, or a website other than Xboxsaves.com, and Codejunkies.com that has good Kotor modsaves? I really want to find new mods to play my games with..and with so little attention being payed to the xbox, its hard to find any new saves. So please, if anyone knows of a website with Kotor or Kotor II modsaves for Xbox, please post here and give me the website.
  4. You are La Dan Fen! You cannot hold a lightsaber because you never trained with one. You are mostly remembered for killing 5 sith soldiers during the jedi civil war with mandalorian disruptor. Your affinity with the force is on par with lengendary Jedi like Yoda. You were killed when you ate a gizka that had eaten gizka poisoining. You were forgotten about and was reincarnated as Darth Sion. That is why Darth Sion is so marked up, because he couldnt hold his lightsaber at first and cut himself a few hundred times :ph34r: . Gizka 99% Darth Malak 97% Yoda 91%
  5. You scored as Mace Windu. You are most like Mace Windu. A celebrated Jedi master known for his unique combination of wisdom, temperance and foresight. You prefer the life of a scholar yet will charge into battle should the need arise. You created and utilize the Vaapad form for lightsaber combat. It combines the usage of The Force for acrobatic speed and precision found in Ataru, the defensive to offensive channel found in Shien/Djem So and a concentration of emotion often seen as a sign for falling to The Dark Side. You eventually are betrayed by Anakin Skywalker and are killed by
  6. this is off topic forum smart one. Anything is right here.
  7. nope....that's the difference between being mature and having potential... Anakin is raw power...Vader is much more... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lots of quotes
  8. Nah, Vader is a living faluire. If Anakin and Vader could fight, Anakin would win for sure.
  9. Then Vader would turn on Robot mode and kill Nihilus. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! lol
  10. Ya, in ROTJ, when vader takes his mask off, he sounds like an old grandpa. Palpatine sounded younger.lol
  11. Nihilus cant use his power on Vader I think, cause hes a half man. Anyone wondering how General Grievous Dies?
  12. Nah, Dooku kicks Vaders @$$ Sure, Anakin can beat Dooku, but Vader cant cause hes too stiff like a robot. :ph34r:
  13. Trust me, If I did that, I would have a bunch of people going, "Your in the wrong board!" I had to add KotOR characters. But you guys can vote for this: Anakin and Palpatine vs. Obi-Wan and Yoda You can vote for that one now too if you want. Just say it if you do.
  14. I thought it over, and I figured that a Anakin Obiwan vs. Malak Revan fight would be the best.
  15. I would be an Unknown Sith Lord that re-kindles the war.
  16. How the hell do you know how old they are? I think someone been playing this game too much.
  17. The third age sucked. Also, the "final fantasy" battle system is far more boring than the current KotOR system. I would hate a transition to a "traditional" turn based style.
  18. Right now, the only reason to buy the PC vesion is for the patch...and the resolution. Me personally thinks that a controller is better than a mouse and keyboard...
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