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  1. That's because she uses force sight. And as I understand having actual functioning eyes is distracting when using the force sight technique.
  2. You should go to one of those game coverage sites if you're looking for upcomming titles. I would recommend gamespot.
  3. I'm tracking alot of games, but I think these are my must buys. Madden 07 (PS2) Armed Assault GC2 Dark Avatar Neverwinter Nights 2 Medieval 2 Total War Half-Life 2 Episode 2 (With Portals and TF2) Guild Wars Nightfall As for potentials KotOR 3 HL2 Episode 3 Mass Effect for the PC (Hopefully lol) Assasain's Creed for the PC (There were rumors)
  4. Gamespot is my most trusted site for gaming news. If the review on NWN2 turns out any good I'll be getting the game. Hopefully the game will receive an editor's choice award (9.0 or higher by GS). But I'll still go for a game that scores around 8.0 or higher. :cool:
  5. It's been confirmed that Rockstar did make the Hot coffee scene, they just chose to cut it from the final game (Like K2's cut content). The 'mod' was simply someone reviving that content.
  6. Why would you call him a 'noob'? I didn't particulary like Sessler, as he acted like a hothead. And Jack's arguement seems flawed in my humble opinion. In fact the guy in the middle (CEO of Gamedaily) is probably wiser than both. He kept a cool demeanor throughout the entire session, and voiced a logical opinion about how the parents should be responsible (And I agree with that). Besides there's no point in argueing over this. Movies, music and other forms of media are always pressured (It's not just the gaming industry).
  7. I don't mind what Jack Thompson is trying to do, no need to go flame fest on him for trying to do what he thinks is a right thing. But he's got it all wrong. Video Games are another form of entertainment, nothing more. You'd have to lack alot of self-control if you felt an urge to go out and kill someone after playing GTA. Besides most violent kids don't even play games. Most of them are either too spoiled or come from a poor family in a rough neighborhood. I know a kid who hit his grandfather when me and a friend dropped by his house, never got punished for it. In a rough neighborhood, parents don't even know what their kids are doing when they go outside. In truth it is the parents or guardians who need to do a better job with their kids. Now I'm interested in knowing how the hell one uses Doom to train themselves. Are you serious? Are you gonna go out and 'PWN Noobz' or something?
  8. I've recently finished playing MGS3 Subsistence, and I'm playing it again on some of the harder levels. As for the PC, when I get a new video card (hopefully this weekend) I'll go right back to playing some of my favorite Battlefield 2 modifications.
  9. Well of course chances are she might never live a 'normal' lifestyle within our society. She can't speak or hear, so she'll probably end up handicapped. It's a shame though, she'll have no choice but to live with it. When I say we shouldn't be pitful towards her I mean that we shouldn't be buying her gifts, or giving her extra positive attention so that she'll somehow feel more 'normal'. Even if I were in her position, I wouldn't be asking for a bunch of people to feel sorry for me. When that kind of stuff happens it doesn't make you feel normal, it does quite the contrary. Of course that's just from my perspective of things.
  10. An interesting discussion. The whole abortion thing is irrelavant seeing as how there was no way the parents or doctors could know she would be missing almost half of her skull. On the matter of Juliana Wetmore. I don't think it's neccesary to suddenly treat her as a special living being or someone who deserves extra attention. The way I see it, it's best not to pity people like this. I myself would honestly hate it if someone treated me with more respect just because I'm missing a limb or something. But hey, that's just me.
  11. Yeti you have to uninstall something (Actually I'd recommend you uninstall alot of things). Only way...
  12. How many gigs do you have on your computer at the moment?
  13. Masta Revan your probably asking in the wrong place. There are plenty of sites dedicated to taking art requests (sigs, avatars and otherwise). Though I don't think any seasoned graphics artist would be hanging around here.
  14. I'm with ya here. If anyone doesn't know, Bastila Shan was originally intended to be 'Vima Sunrider' from the original KotOR comics. Although I think some trademark issues with 'Sunrider' rose up again and that got changed. Still it would be interesting to see some actual characters from the KotOR comics in the flesh (Like Zayne Carrick, or Squint) or something. It's an intersting thought. ----- Anyhow I've been going over a few NWN2 previews and I was impressed with some of the things the guys here at Obsidian are doing with the game. One in particular was the 'stronghold' feature described briefly in one of the interviews. It would be interesting to say... apply the same concept to your ship. Where basically you as a player can purchase various upgrades and customizations ranging from weapons to color schemes. You may need to go out and recruit a skilled pilot, a gunner, a mechanic etc. to help out with maintaining and excersing the ship during combat. Another thing I saw that was interesting was to be able to choose certain background aspects. It helps when your trying to role-play a character. If you wanted a background where your character was a former bounty hunter, during certain conversations refering to your past you may have dialouge options that have you bragging about some bounty you caught. You may even receive certain bonuses and unique skills and abilites. If you were a Republic soldier, you may have a dialogue option that has you recalling a brutal and bloody battle on a certain planet. You get the picture right?
  15. Yea I've been thinking about purchasing an Nvidia 6600 GT. I had begun to suspect that the 9200 is no longer comaptible with the game. Oh well...
  16. Actually the K2 hardware scan will always refer to Nvidia drivers for some reason (My original screen was on K1). BTW I've downgraded to 6.3, and appears to do little good. Even after that I attempted to uninstall K2 and reinstall. Same problem. http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g102/Ter...iverissues2.jpg I've circled key points with red. Notice how K2's configuration tells me to download Nvidia drivers (yet none never existed on my computer), and K1's tells me to download ATI drivers. However notice how I have the catalyst 6.3 installed at the moment. None of this makes any sense.
  17. So I've noticed. Try this one. http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g102/Ter...riverissues.jpg
  18. I have a similar issue with my 9200 card (I had a 9700 which worked fine before, until it burned out). Even after updating my drivers the game tells me they're out of date. (As shown in the link) http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/...erissuesop8.jpg Even the driver cleaner seems to do no good. Do I have to go in and manually uninstall the ATI files?
  19. Have you ever heard the concept of "off-villans"? The Sith Trimuative was the main enemy in K2, that didn't stop the Exchange sending bounty hunters for you. Just because the 'True Sith' may become the prime enemy doesn't mean you can't have secondary and rival villans.
  20. Straight from Wiki (Wookiepedia) "It should be noted that Nihilus never speaks a clear word in the game, he simply emits patterns of sounds similar to the Sith holocrons found on Telos. It has been theorized that he speaks in the Sith language, for it is stated that Darth Nihilus is so corrupt, when he speaks, it causes death around him (the statement can be found in the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords strategy guide, under Darth Nihilus) Another possible explaination was Nihilus traded his ability of speech for power, just like what Kar Vastor did." ------ Visas isn't really the most forthcoming person either, like when she says "My life for yours" and all that other mystical speech. Other than that it's not known whether or not Nihilus was human or not.
  21. I doubt it would be exactly in his true form. Chances are his 'shadow figure' was his true form. Perhaps mutilated by Malachor V, and further corrupted by the Dark Side and his hunger to feed on the force. It is speculated that Nihilus speaks the 'Sith' language, although I don't know if that's confirmed.
  22. How and why would you go about role-playing Nihilus as a PC? Anyhow on another note I'd be interested in seeing Nihilus as a story villan (Not the primary one). Nihilus' death leads one to wonder if Nihilus truly died. I'd speculate that being another 'wound in the force' he may be capable of 'cheating death' so to speak. In EU, Palpatine actually survived his fall down the shaft, and became some sort of 'force ghost'. Unlike a typical force ghost, he took control of several bodies. (If anyone watches Stargate I guess you can relate it to how Anubis changes bodies in the eight season). If it went this way, I happen to think Nihilus would carry dark, dark knowledge of ancient Sith techniques, making him a bigger threat than before. Without his previous body, he might not be so dependant on feeding upon the force as he needed to do in order to survive (Of course he'd still be capable of doing so). It would make for an interesting villan to throw into the fray of things without actually creating a whole brand new incarnation of the current Sith regime.
  23. I'm curious, would anyone be interested in going back to Rakata Prime? On Wiki it's speculated that the Rakatan were accepted into the galactic society (Chances are they were especially with an Revan LS ending). It would be interesting to aquire and or uncover mysteries behind Rakatan technology, as well as provide a nice tropical world for players to explore.
  24. Katarr? You do know everyone is dead there right. And I'd bet alot of people would be afraid to colonize the world when all it's inhabitants were 'devoured'. If you want to see more Miralukas, you'd be better off asking for Alpheridies, the adopted homeworld of their species. And according to wiki, there was an ancient Sith Lord that came there around 8,000 BBY speculated to be apart of the 'True Sith Empire' (Though, don't take wiki for it's word however). Link - http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Alpheridies
  25. WHAT! Forcing a fixed 'canon' Revan and 'canon' Exile on us would suck! I'd rather them not make KOTOR III, or not base the focus of the plot on the 'True Sith' instead of playing a game of that forced a fixed 'canon' Revan and 'canon' Exile on us. First of all, what happened to the player's freedom, the roleplaying? What was the point of even making KOTOR and KOTOR II, only to see the characters that you created be destroyed by this 'canon' crap, huh? If you think that it's impossible to cater for the sixteen gender/alignment combo's of Revan and the Exile and put it into one plot, then your wrong. Yes, it would be difficult, but I could do it, Jediphile has done it (with his awesome storyline proposal) and hawk can do it, as can other talented people I'm sure, and it would not be impossible for game developers to do in terms of size, costing and time either. Whatever Revan and the Exile might have been by this stupid 'canon' crap is irrelevant. I'd consider it as a secondary priority when it comes to the actual games. Sure, Revan and the Exile may be LS according to the EU, but what they are in the actual game is entirely up to the individual player, and by forcing a fixed 'canon' Revan and 'canon' Exile on us, well put it this way, it is far worse than killing them off or leaving them out of the game completely without even mentioning them, it is the biggest NO NO of them all!!! We simply must be able to select the genders/alignments of Revan and the Exile in KOTOR III (if there is one), that is a priority IMO. So DAWUSS, I could not disagree with you more, I want to be able to select the genders/alignments of Revan and the Exile, not have them forced on me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that does. Not being able to select the genders/alignments of Revan and the Exile in a potential KOTOR III would be absolutely ****in **** house! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree, and something else alot of people don't think about with the whole Revan deal. Personality, character, the virtues and traits that define a living person. I'd bet alot of people wouldn't be too happy with Revan if he/she ended up being some annoying smart-ass joke character. The main reason why everyone loves Revan is because they love themselves (Sounds awkward, but true). Each indivdual that has played Knights of the Old Republic has defined who Revan was themselves, otherwise you wouldn't be role-playing. The main point being is that alot of people don't realize how bad of an idea 'canonizing' Revan is, or just bringing him/her back for that matter. The same applies to the Exile as well. The idea of bringing back Revan and/or the Exile in the flesh is flawed. It's too bad the majority of KotOR's fanbase either doesn't realize this, or simply refuses to accept it.
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