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What are your Ability Scores?

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A few years back my friends and I started a campaign in which we converted ourselves into DnD characters. It was quite a hoot to. So lets be honest, what you have for character stats and lets be honest.


Strength: 14

Strength is pretty straight forward and you can easily check it out using the lift and drag tables to get a good estimate.


Dexterity: 12

While I might be on the jiggly side I can move out of the way of most danger.


Constitution: 14

I eat my own cooking and sometimes it turns out to be a Fear Factor moment. Also I a very high level of pain tolerance.


Intelligence: 15

Well, I was smart enough to get a college degree, able to go into the nuclear program in the US Navy, and smart enough not to do so. I like to have children some day.


Wisdom: 8

Like I said, lets be honest here and well, I don't think I need to explain this.


Charisma: 9





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Depends - which system are we using?


If it's d20 (using my admittedly sketchy memory of 2nd ed AD&D) then my stats are:

Str: 11, Dex: 13, Con: 12, Int: 16, Wis: 15, Cha: 12.


If it's Aberrant Storyteller, then:

Str: 2

Dex: 3

Sta: 2

Per: 2

Int: 4

Wits: 3

App: 2

Manip: 3

Cha: 3


If it's Amber DRPG, then:

Strength: -25

Psyche: -24

Endurance: -24

Warfare: -24

(And that's pretty darn impressive for a mere shadow dweller! :D )

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Strength: 8

*cough* Yeah... :"> I recently have started to work out, but just recently.


Dexterity: 12

Perhaps it could be bit more, but since I rarely do physical activities I don

This post is not to be enjoyed, discussed, or referenced on company time.

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Strength: About 12ish, I haven't worked out a ot, but with these genes...


Dexterity: 13, same points here, but I have better balance and grace of movement, than raw strength


Constitution: 10-13, can take a beating, but not that long.


Intelligence: 14, above average, but nothing spetacular.


Wisdom: 15 This is what counts, I have good memory etc.


Charisma: 12 isn't that high, but if I try to manipulate, or outright lie straight to face, it usually works.


Fighter/Rogue, perhaps some kind of information gatherer/spy?

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Name: K.H.M (A.K.A. Baneblade)

Race: Human

Subrace: Finnish

Class: Expert

Level: 3rd.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 173 lbs.


STR: 15


DEX: 13


CON: 14


INT: 14


WIS: 14


CHA: 14

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Since Im so damn cool that I dont play D&D, Ill give you the stats in 3rd edition Vampire: The Masquerade



Strength 2

Dexterity 3 (I climb house facades when im drunk)

Stamina 3


Charisma 3

Manipulation 2

Appearance 3


Perception 1 (severe case of head in the clouds)

Intelligence 4 (140 IQ)

Wits 3(realtime) 5(forum)

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I just deleted my previous post and decided to be honest ..


and I give myself an average of 20/3 in all scores .. I didn't want to admit it first .. but I'm the next step in the evolution of man .. (but since the human race is degenerating that's probably not a good thing)

Fortune favors the bald.

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d&d 3e ability scores:


all 9s... 'cept in strength. get a 17 in strength. am freaky mutant strong.




HA! Good Fun!

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S: 5 Average (I don't work out, but still manage to move the washing machine to where I want it to)

P: 5 Average (When I'm focused, I notice everything, when not, I ignore old friends who greet me at the super market)

E: 6 Average (Survived getting run over by cars, poisoning, electrocution, pneumonia, falling into ice water, falling down cliff sides and my sister in laws cooking and people still say I look 10 year young than my age)

C: 6 Average (I hate responsibility, yet people seem to follow like sheep...)

I: 7 Slightly above average (according to Mensa)

A: 4 Average (I never did manage to dodge a car trying to run me over...)

L: 6 Average (A lot of exciting things happened in my life, still not sure if I made good choices though. Sort of balances out)


Tag skills: Speech, Repair, Science


Other things: Good Natured (I'm not inclined towards physical aggression)

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