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  1. So is Magic Bullet, it's shorter casting/cooling time makes it better... really the only combat spell you need. Agreed. Overall the game itself wasn't bad, but it was very short, like ~20h short. Still, VAST improvement over G3.
  2. For those still playing this game a good variety of Mods->Tessource
  3. Roughly 10%... except with OpenGL games where 7800GS is slower, Here's a LINK. Unless you can get the 7800GS at very low price, I wouldn't buy it... as Leadtek's 7600GT out-performs them both-> Here
  4. The series has been a major suckage since RDA left it... Let it die already.
  5. If you want best "bang for your buck" you could go for this ->Leadtek 7600GT AGP, IMO.
  6. There's always some slow down involved as the card runs both RAMDACs[Random Access Memory, Digital to Analog Converter], it's an Memory Bandwidth issue... but it's minimal unless you use extend/span instead of Clone Mode. There have been reports of OpenGL based games slowing down or not working when using Clone Mode, but that is driver issue and not Hardware related one.
  7. The ATI X1600 XT is slightly better card, unless you count for video quality which is the second major weakness of ATI hardware... First being Driver Issues. Two Links -> Tech Comparison About the Cards in General You probably came up even, But to be fair I'd never buy ATI myself. Hope this helps.
  8. Linkie? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Click Me !!!
  9. Rusty Key opens Rusty Chest [red dot] Old Key opens Old Chest [red dot] Forgotten Key opens Forgotten Chest [red dot] And it all comes down to nothing as -> -> -> The reward is only useful if you're at really low level... and need cash.
  10. You know you can use soul gems[filled ones] to re-charge your magic item, right ?? they're easy to find, my 21st lvl Assassin has about 50 of them...
  11. In Oblivion vampirism causes you to gain certain Advantages which are balanced through disadvantages [sunlight, garlic difficulty to interact with NPCs].... that said, the longer you wait between feeding more beastlike you become, this increases your bonuses AND weakneses. After feeding your "Curse" weakens and you can walk in daylight for short time... if you want to become more vampiric dont feed on people [yeah, it sucks... no pun intended] there are 4 stages of Vampirism in the game.
  12. I expect you cap when you can no longer spend 10 points in primary skills. So in theory you get more levels with low starting skills rather than high ones. Although I havnt found much use for leveling. I did come across one quest with a minimum level of 8. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, You can spend time in jail to lower your skills. There's no actual level cap in Oblivion [or Morrowind for that matter], how ever you stop gaining levels after you've maxed out your stats-> So, if you choose a sign that doesn't give you stat bonus at the begining, you have total of 330 stat points [320 + 5x2 from class] which leaves 470 increases. As you gain increases to 3 stats per level it's possible to achieve level of 158 [as 470/3=157, and you start at level 1] but you must build your character very carefully[Munchkinism at it's worst] in order to achieve this. That's Metagaming... so sad. <_<
  13. Baneblade


    Teemu didn't lead the league, he was tied with Mogilny. Besides they should both retire from pro hockey.
  14. Yes it does... you just have to cast dispel on the mage to make him visible... EDIT: fixed the Quotes
  15. Maybe it was MissionForce: Cyberstorm EDIT: Damn you're fast.
  16. You can, Just choose the character you want to leave behind as "Active" and Click the bed in your Base [2nd floor in First town or in the Forresters hut], voila the character leaves your team... until you talk to him/her again. @Topic I played through the game as Scout and Medic following 2 different paths [by killing Konrad] the game is Very short... took me under 10 hours to complete at first time, about 7 hours the second time. 73/100 [i don't like WWII... If I would i'd give it 8 more points] IF you're a fan of Silent Storm... Buy This IF you like Turn Based Strategy Games... Buy This IF you Hate WWII setting... Avoid This IF you're looking for an actual RPG... Avoid This. Regardless... Buy Space Rangers 2 It's longer, better and Sci-Fi.
  17. That would be at the time of "Interview with a Vampire" right ? And It's Nancy Kilpatrick, I've only read "Child of the Night", it was OK, haven't had a chance checkout the rest of "Power of Blood" series. I'm currrently reading "Fundamentals of Thermodynamics" by Richard E. Sontagg, Claus Borngakke and Gordon J. Van wylen.
  18. Cordilia Chase Dawn ...Erm , Ehh "
  19. Oh Dear god, no! a Lestat fan <_< @Topic: I saw Saw II-> Crap, avoid at all cost.
  20. There's a difference between not having a storyline, and the storyline been force-fed to you... In Morrowind much like Daggerfall if you didn't pay attention you'd miss parts of the story arc. I liked Morrowind, loved Daggerfall, yes even though it was bug-ridden nightmare at times, but who wouldn't like to have more and/or deeper/more involving story ?
  21. 1. Walk to the door 2. Turn 90 Deg to your right 3. walk against the "bar/Handle" to remove the latch 4. Open the door 5. Go forth and kill every SOB in the temple.
  22. Happy Birthday... ...Here's hoping it's your last [drinks Gin]
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