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Dear obsidian, you know what must be done.


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expensive obsidian having performed outer international's pretty abit now i've to say it brings me a definite feeling of delight. and clearly makes me suppose lower back to this little unpopular television show i used to observe, think it become known as firefly. so basically what i'm pronouncing is make a firefly rpg, get the solid, do it right. i need my gorram firefly recreation!

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7 hours ago, Gorgon said:

Movie/TV franchise games are terrible as a rule

I'm not sure about that. Certainly the reverse has been true, as all video games to cinema attempts have been miserable, but I can think of a number of good games based on tv and film properties. Heck, Telltale Games had a fairly good run based solely on that model.

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19 hours ago, Gorgon said:

Well alright, I'll give you a handfull of Walking Deads and the like.

Come to think of it that was a comic first though. 


They had success with Game of Thrones, Back to the Future, and Law & Order as well.

Are all of those Lego games based on toys or movie franchises? 

Are all Star Wars games terrible? 

Ducktales, woo-oo!

I bought the guidebook for The Goonies II on the NES back in the day and it was fantastic. We had fantastic Indiana Jones games, and Bladerunner was also favorite. I agree a lot of games based on movies and TV were trash, but a good developer makes all the difference.

If Obsidian can pull off a good South Park game, I think they can handle the Firefly IP. As I said, I don't see why they would bother, since Outer Worlds is already developed. 

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Firefly... it seems to be too similar to TOW, crew, space wild west, some technology mixed with rural.

Also fantasy is covered.

If i had to name something unique... horror/gothic/ urban vampires or cyberpunk/hard scifi. That is something you dont have, while Deus Ex was a thing.

Maybe Alpha Protocol but with some Deus Ex vibes?



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Desperate for a good Hard Sci Fi RPG! Isometric or third person... maybe with pre-rendered backgrounds. With awesome music by Jerry Goldsmith... they'd have to bring him back from the dead but it would be worth it.

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Somebody needs to arrange an "accident" for whoever currently has the license to make WH40K video games so another studio, like Obsidian, can have a go at it. What's not to love about role playing a Slaanesh cultist??? 😇

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You'd have to "accident" half the video games industry, in that case. The 40K license seems to be granted really easily, judging by the amount of games made with it. Which is a good thing in my eyes, because it allows small-ish studios to have a go at it and sometimes you strike gold. I wonder what's Microsoft's stance on working with outside IPs.

(I, being a bona fide progressive, am more of a Tzeentch guy)




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On 1/29/2020 at 11:34 PM, rjshae said:

I didn't thing the Firefly system would have made a good RPG setting, personally. The show was mainly about the crew.

There is an RPG system: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serenity_Role_Playing_Game

I played it briefly and it was good (mechanically). Not overly complicated. It even won the Origin awards for best RPG in 2005. 

It has a kind-of follow-up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefly_Role-Playing_Game

I don't know anything about that one.

I think the world (or better: universe) of Firefly is great for a Role Playing Game. The TV-show gave plenty of inspiration but was vague enough so that you can be creative (with settings, cultures, characters, items etc.) without the feeling that you are breaking lore all the time. 

So I think it would work as a CRPG as well.

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