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[CLASS BUILD] The Cauterizer

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<will insert backstory and picture here >

The Cauterizer
Difficulty: PotD
Class: Barbarian
Race: Fire Godlike (optional)
Background: The Living Lands - Colonist

MIG: 19
CON: 10
DEX: 09
PER: 18
INT: 19
RES: 03
Skills: Survival 12 (+2 from Sanguine Plate)
We can't use Second Wind from Athletics because
you will hit yourself with Battle-Forged's burn
retaliation when using Second Wind (bug).

Talents (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important)
2: Veteran's Recovery ®
4: Weapon Focus Soldier®
6: Accurate Carnage®
8: Rhymer's Summons
10: Scion of Flame
12: Two Handed Style
14: Apprentice's Sneak Attack
16: Savage Attack

0: Carnage(a)
1: Frenzy(!)
3: Savage Defiance
5: One Stands Alone®
7: Blood Thirst
9: Bloodlust
11: Heart of Fury
13: Dragon Leap
15: Blooded

Story Talents:
- The Merciless Hand
- Gift from the Machine
- Dungeon Delver
- Song of the Heavens
- Hylea's or Galawain's Boon

Items (!=important, r=recommended):

Weapon Set 1: Firebrand (!) / some backup Great Sword (Justice for example)
Weapon Set 2: some arquebus or arbalest

Boots: Shod in Faith ®

Head: none (Fire Godlike)

Armor: Sanguine Plate ®

Neck: Lost Periapt of the Winding Path

Belt: Belt of the Ryoal Deadfire Cannoneer (!)

Rings: Iron Circle, Band of Union

Hands: Forgemaster's Gloves (!)


A late build for PoE since recently the traffic in this forum rose again and I never posted my favorite Barb build since the Deafire Pack came out.

The Cauterizer combines two very strong things: Firebrand and Blood Thirst.

Firebrand has immense base damage and thus works very well with all sorts of dmg bonuses, including crits. Unfortunately you can't enchant it and so - most of the time - other weapons become better options when reaching the late(ish) game, mainly because of Durgan Steel and its speed bonus.

But Blood Thirst helps: it can completely remove the need for attack speed bonuses IF you can manage to kill quickly enough. And nothing kills stuff more quickly (and triggers Blood Thirst with the kill) than Firebrand + Carnage.

Add as many dmg bonuses as you can because you want to max out the damage per attack (not dps - dps comes from the removal of recovery through Blood Thirst). So the stuff I picked (Scion of Flame and so on) is there to increase damage per hit. You also want to crit as much as possible because Firebrand has Annihilation. In combo with Merciles Hand and Dungeon Delver you'll do +90% crit damage which is so powerful combined with the high base dmg of Firebrand.

Good thing about Carnage: it may start off quite underwhelming because of its reduced damage and more importantly reduced accuracy - BUT: Carnage gains +1 ACC per char level. Combined with Accurate Carnage you will surpass the ACC of your initial hits at lvl 6 already. The more levels you gain the more likely you crit with Carnage. After lvl 6 it's better to attack a low deflection target in order to better hit a high deflection target with Carnage. ;)

The best way to use this is to gather the enemies and then hack away at them. Best to not jumo into their midst since this build has low RES (unless you have Heart of Fury). Better jump to the edge of a cluster. Squishy enemies may get one-shotted and immediately trigger Blood Thirst (and Bloodlust) which leads to a cascade of burning death strokes with no recovery. Kills with Battle Forgedalso trigger Blood Thirst - I found that to be a nice addition - also because it works with Blooded and Scion of Flame. Even more speed if you get hit.

In game pre lvl 7 you have Frenzy to speed you up and balance out the lowish DEX a bit. With Sanguine Plate you can even get several Frenzies per encounter. Also great for your fortitude, healing and health loss.

"But Boeroer: sometimes there are not that many squishy enemies and then I will be left with that very slow burning attacks!"

True - that's where Rhymer's Summons come into play. The fun part is that Blood Thirst and Bloodlust also trigger if you kill your own skeletons. Carnage still applies to enemy bystanders. So... only one or two tough enemy left at the end of a fight and you need more speed? Good you summoned those incredibly squishy skeletons and can now kill them for insane attack speed! If you don't like that part of the build (because it feels like cheese or something) just pick Barbaric Blow.

At the same time we don't want to go down all the time while we swing around. Because of that we maxed outr self healing potential. 14 Survival leads to a +60% healing bonus which applies to Savage Defiance and Consecrated Ground and Veteran's Recovery: tons of virtual endurance. Health is usually no issue with Barbs, even at 10 CON. But you need some levels to feel the effect. So play it safe in the early levels (like always with barbs).

Your biggest friend in the party is somebody who debuffs enemies' deflection and your ACC - for example a druid with Nature's Mark or a Wizard with Eyestrike and a Priest with Blessing + Devotions and so on. You want crits! You also want Holy Meditation because your concentration is pretty bad.

This combo is so devastating that my jaw literally (not figuratively) dropped the first time I used Blood Thirst and Firebrand together. He cauterizes enemies in half so quickly that other party members sometimes even don't get them chance to finish a spell. *whoosh-whoosh-whoosh* done. :fdevil:

You may not want to use Tidefall as backup because wounding kills don't trigger Blood Thirst. It's too good to use it as backup anyway. You'll have 6 uses of Firebrand per rest. Usually that's more than enough from camp to camp. That's also a reason why I don't use Runner's Wounding Shot.


Edited by Boeroer, 04 November 2018 - 04:54 AM.

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Interesting build, nice theme and maximising the fire damage!  I'm planning a character very similar to this going the Barbarian 2 Hand weapon path and wanting to maximize the resets from Blood Thirst so planned on Death Godlike.  Partly because I looked at the list of unique weapons on the wiki and Firebrand isn't listed and I didn't realise how much base damage it has before even considering Scion Of Flame!  :w00t:


Might still give my idea a go, i'm not doing PoTR (planning the no reload run on Hard!) so want a bit of extra survivability for mistakes.  Planning on Priest + Cipher to buff+CC, not sure on rest yet.


My planned talents are: Veterans Recovery, Weapon Focus, Accurate Carnage, Two Handed Style, Barbaric Blow, Stalwart Defiance, Apprentice Sneak Attack, Savage Attack?


Abilities: Frenzy, Savage Defiance, One Stands Alone, Blood Thirst, Thick-Skinned, Threatening Presence, Heart of Fury, Dragon Leap


I was thinking of replacing the Gloves + Belt + Boots (since we already have Concecrated Grounds on Lost Periapt of the Winding Path) with: 

- Fenwalkers

- Gauntlets of Puissant Melee

- Girdle of Maegfolc Might


I'm not certain on the weapon, very tempting to just go your build!  :yes:



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I've seen you mention this build a few times, Boeroer, so I'm thrilled to see you expand it out and explain the details in one post. Looks like a blast. 

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