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  1. I really want to make a good 2-H barb build and this is very tempting, as I love the fiery concept. My main concern is with using firebrand and being fire godlike, does it not kinda suck missing out on finding new and amazing weapons and helmets out in the world? e.g. For the RP, I like the idea of finding long lost parts and reforging an ancient weapon (BotEP and Abydon Hammer for instance). On top of which, there's that feeling of growing power as you replace, upgrade and enchant items. My lizard brain gets a kick out of finding new and better smashy sticks, and those smashy sticks becoming bigger and better smashy sticks over time, whether that be through enchantments or soulbind upgrades (Or like I dunno, supergluing nails to the smashy end maybe). Similar deal with hats, I hate the idea of all these awesome helmets going to waste because I can't use them due to a cranial conflagration. I guess my main question is does the strength of the build outweigh those negatives? Like, how much better is this barb vs. a hat-wearing firebrand barb vs. a hat-wearing barb who uses Tidefall/Rumbalt/BoTEP etc.? ~edit~ Also, would this build be completely tedious with only 3 firebrands per rest? Wondering if I could get away with just the belt, and equipping some sexy gloves, e.g. puissant melee?
  2. I'm wondering about adventures too, I can't seem to get any at all. First thing I did was go get the stronghold, and have bought the main keep upgrade. Went back to Gilded Vale and saved before handing in Eothas temple quest to Wirtan. Every single reload I keep getting "Turn 4: Nothing to report". Do I need to leave a companion at the keep for them to appear? Or could I be too low level (lvl 4 atm)?
  3. Thanks for the help chaps. Think what I might do is drop dex to 10 and go with 7 res.
  4. Hi, just starting my first playthrough of PoE, and was wondering if this build is OK. Gonna be trying PotD (I've heard PotD is best avoided for a first playthrough, but my time is limited so I highly doubt I'll get around to a 2nd playthrough). I was thinking of going for a build that gets critted a bunch, so I can use those faith shoes and sanguine plate. Coastal Aumua, living lands explorer. Mig 21 Con 10 Dex 14 Per 12 Int 18 Res 3 Talents etc. I was gonna go frenzy, greater frenzy, 2-handed style, WF soldier, accurate carnage and stuff like that. Maybe veteran's recovery? constant endurance regen sounds nice. Skills I was thinking 2 or 3 in athletics for some 2nd wind, and the rest in lore and survival.
  5. Luckmann, on 04 Apr 2015 - 11:12 PM, said: Why? Because he probably enjoy the virgin tears of the intellectually disinclined as much as the next person? Because he's awesome, and we like awesome people? Because it's hilariously easy to actually do for him, but an insurmountable hurdle for the mental midgets that would be put off by it? Take your pick. [] -Nice bit of Ad Hominem there. Curious as to why you think people who have different views politically/sociologically from you are "mental midgets". It can be a dangerous thing, underestimating the intellect of one's opponents. Yes, I'm sure some "SJWs" are dumb as dog****, but there are also some who are bound to be much smarter than you or I. Same goes for the "pro-GG miso-transo-homo-lacto-phobic troglodytes" who are on the other side of the argument. Social and political views bear little correlation to intelligence. The fact that these self-appointed social justice warriors that insist on taking offense by proxy do not even play the games, nor consider themselves gamers, but just look upon the medium as a political platform to push their agenda or peddle their filth, just makes the thing so much worse, and if anything, reinforces the incentive to push back, in however a small form. That sentence is incorrect in a number of ways. Firstly, "SJWs" aren't self appointed. That moniker was not invented nor is used by most people who would qualify for the label. Also, from what I've seen, most of them ARE gamers (Including, I might add, the person that first tweeted to obsidian about the memorial in the first place) and even developers (Some of Obsidian included). I know it's easier to see them as some outside force trying to change gaming for the worse, but that's just not the case.I myself am sympathetic to some of these issues (I stress "some of"). This issue specifically, I think has been blown out of proportion. But in general, I think more inclusiveness in gaming, less stereotypes of minorities/genders etc. (All that "SJW" stuff) would be a good thing. And I play games. I consider myself a gamer, and have done since the early 80's (Generally though, I prefer playing games rather than arguing about them) . To put it in modern internet vernacular "Im in ur games social justicing ur entertainment" (Also, "peddle their filth" - really? Exaggerate much?) TL;DR Don't presume to know your opponent's intellect or gaming habits. Underestimating the competition has a history of going badly.
  6. ^Title. Talking about specific weapons btw, not weapon types. I get that estocs are generally thought to be best as a weapon type, but I'm wondering if there are better specific weapons out there. For instance, I read somewhere that Tidefall (great sword) is all sorts of awesome. Any others?
  7. Ugh really? Fire Godlike Barb w/ blooded is exactly the character I was thinking of making =/
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