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  1. Found the solution: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94972-locked-yourself-into-a-faction-in-defiance-bay-help-inside/ Works, just joined Doemels. Also sorry for posting in the wrong section!
  2. I accidentaly accepted the quest "Winds of Steel" and learned thereafter that i will no longer be able to join other faction (and get their bonus talent) afterwards. So I would like to know if i can reverse that decision anyhow, i no longer have a save file as i did plenty of things after accepting this quest and saves got overwritten. I didnt go to Anslogs Compass yet.
  3. Got a question, you proposed using both Belt of the Ryoal Deadfire Cannoneer and gloves that both give the Firebrand ability, does the per rest amount of uses stack?
  4. Also, what attribute would you propose to dump into res? And is resolve good enough at 10 points? What if i suddenly decided not to play solo and go for gunslinger chanter/barb Duo, do i need to still bump resolve up?
  5. Thank you very much, i started gunslinger chanter a few days ago but i will probably switch to melee barbarian if i dont like it.
  6. Looking for a solo build that works on easy/normal difficulty and current patch, something that isnt a boredom to play, not too slow, not too much buff dependend, and it is not a chanter.
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