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  1. Boeroer, would you mind showing what order you would pick the skills and talents? or at least what you consider a priority? I love the idea of this build, but I'm hoping to get the most of it as early as possible.
  2. I've seen you mention this build a few times, Boeroer, so I'm thrilled to see you expand it out and explain the details in one post. Looks like a blast.
  3. I'll chime in For me, Monk is by far the best squishy hunter. Boeroer mentioned this earlier, but the monk is incredibly mobile and even if he wasn't, the class is built around wounds. So getting a bunch of disengage hits on you while on your way to the squishy caster is actually a good thing. It may be a tad controversial, but I love how the monk is built. I like being rewarded for getting punched in the face and then turning that around and unleashing hell on my target. Any other class, including even the barbarian, you generally do not want to get hit. As a monk, you thrive on it.
  4. This surprised me, Boeroer! From what I've seen you write in the past, I would have assumed your Monk Witch Doctor build would have won. For me, I tend to have the most fun with Melee wizards and the aforementioned ranged monks (using the long pain).
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but why is that? The +5 accuracy doesn't seem overly amazing. Is it because it stacks with other accuracy buffs or something?
  6. I've been gone for a while so forgive this random reply, but does wounding (and dots in general) show up as damage done in the character panel yet? I remember it not showing up. Which always annoyed me. Same with the ranger pet. It's part of the class! At the very least I would love to see its damage done as compared to other party members during a playthrough.
  7. I'm surprised this hasn't received more attention. This is a really neat find. Both for brutal takedown and thorny roots.
  8. Hi Boeroer, I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I though DoTs didn't show up on the character screen for damage done? So that means the dot from Wonding Shot and from Tidefall wouldn't even be counted in your leading-rogue's damage on his character sheet. If that is the case, that's even more amazing that your Tidefall rogue is leading. Or am I incorrect and DoT damage DOES show up on the character sheet?
  9. @MaxQuest I just wanted to chime in and tell you how fantastic that calculator looks, and how much I appreciate you taking the time to code it.
  10. Wow. That was awesome, thanks Livegood! I suppose it comes down to whether or not it's a "fun" playstyle to always make sure you have wounds on the Monk. Monk vets: do you find, later in the game on POTD, that wound accumulation is any sort of issue in regards to both using wound abilities, and having enough wounds for the passives (turning wheel for example) to still be effective? Or is it better to just focus more on an active wound-based monk or a passive wound-based monk.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Good stuff. Do you guys think a monk is actually more effective with a two hander than a fighter is? When I actually look at the abilities of the two classes, the monk with a two hander actually seems stronger (ie, more offensive power) than a fighter would be.
  12. So I've been thinking about this for a while. I'm really trying to find the "best" class to utilize two handed swords (estoc or greatsword) to the best of their ability. See, fighter makes the most sense but I keep coming back to monk because their abilities seem just so good. Now, I'm not denying that a monk using dual wielded fists or weapons may be more efficient than using a two hander, but, overall, do you guys think a monk wielding a two hander actually be more "powerful" than a fighter? Stream of thoughts incoming: The attack speed from the monks swift strikes makes the early g
  13. This is fun. 1. BG series. I love 1 (NON modded. It feels more desperate. Modded it feels.... easy) as much as 2. Just for totally different reasons. 2. Icewind Dale 1. Absurdly underrated. In fact there are times I put it above Baldur's Gate. I thought Icewind Dale did a better job of incorporating your chosen CLASS into the game's story and mechanics. While BG focused on WHO you are more so that WHAT you are. IWD also has some of the best music I've ever heard, and I enjoy the setting and atmosphere more than BG. While I love a great story and narrative, I have to admit that I enjoy
  14. Easy question for me. I always plan builds around getting most of my character early. It's why I couldn't stand 13/x Dual Class builds in BG2, etc. I hate waiting, and I like a character that can bring something really good to the table right away; not 50% into the game. While for some games 50% isn't much, for sprawling RPGs like BG2 and Pillars, that is a LOT of hours of waiting to get the full potential of a build. Not fun at all for me. It's also why I don't use the respec option in Pillars to plan builds. Oh I will use it if I simply change my mind about something, but not as part of
  15. Boeroer, your builds added hundreds (hundreds!) of enjoyment hours to this game for me. Thank YOU, good sir, for allowing us lurkers to find new and interesting ways to enjoy this game.
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