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  1. Those are some good tips on the gear and race, thanks! Just out of curiosity (I'm still new to PoE and learning the ropes) what is a bash shield exactly? I think this could be a very cool adaption of the Golden Dragon, maybe the Celtic Dragon, or Celtic Hound or something (Cu Chulainn was the "Hound of Ulster"! Main equipment spear and shield, second set dual axes, though I may find myself using the axes often and switching to shield if I need to be a bit tankier... does that sound feasible? Would you change any of the talents, or the stats at all to compensate for these changes?
  2. Do you think it would be possible to slightly adapt this build to get a celtic warrior sort of vibe? I'm thinking Cu Chulainn, the Irish mythological hero. Definitely a Barbarian, but possibly lighter armour and medium shield, something like this: https://img00.deviantart.net/5587/i/2013/362/3/7/cuchulain_by_el_grimlock-d6zr81q.jpg "He is known for his terrifying battle frenzy, in which he becomes an unrecognizable monster who knows neither friend nor foe" He traditionally in the stories uses a spear but I'd probably run an axe, as We Toki looks very cool and fits.
  3. Thanks again, I think I'll give the Fighter a good attempt and see if I can't finish the game with him (with a slim chance that I'll go Monk last minute!) Out of curiosity, as a non beginner, what class would YOU pick for a role hunting squishies? Or maybe you wouldn't?
  4. Would a Fighter need much work to get them up to dual wield DPS levels of a monk or rogue? I can't seem to find any decent builds online for a light armoured dual wield fighter. I like your Monskterlasher and Fulmineo builds, but I think your Witch Doctor is based around Long Pain and fists, where I hope to use Sabres/Stilletos and only use fists if I need the damage type. Would either of those monk builds needs many or any changes to talents or stats (obviously weapon focus would need changed) to be used as a swashbuckling scoundrel that I'm aiming for? I wish that this game had a "Q
  5. I've been trying to settle on a PC for my first playthrough, reading the forums, doing some research on builds and testing a few in game. I haven't got very far yet, but want to feel I've made the best choice as I may only get one playthrough. I had almost settled on a Human Rogue, pirate type character dual wielding sabres or sabre and dagger (dagger mainhand), with the intention of doing DPS and maybe hunting squishies or pesky wizards and archers during combat, then getting stuck into the main fray. However I was reading this forum last night and found some (admittedly older) posts
  6. I wanted to ask what the possible pro/cons of one handed vs duel wielding were aswell, but didn't want to start another thread and spam the forum with my queries! I understand duel wielding and that lighter/faster is usually better for auto attack dps and heavier/harder hitting is usually better for abilities. What's the benefit (or downside) of wielding only one weapon (like a sabre, or dagger)? And if only using one weapon, would it matter what hand it was in? If wielding one weapon, does the character swing with the free hand/fist too? Do certain stats (mig, dex or per) benefit pa
  7. I assumed it would be attack with both weapons and recover, then repeat. Is it more like both hands attack separately and there are two animations and two separate recoveries for each hand?
  8. Very informative yet again, thank you Boeroer, that's very helpful! So I understand attack abilities, but regarding the auto attack. I believe it goes attack recovery attack recovery etc. etc. etc. 2 x heavy hits harder with longer recovery as you said, and 2 x light doesn't hit as hard but has lower recovery so potentially better overall DPS. As you said if you have heavy & light combined (or I guess any two different weapons with different recovery times) is somewhere in the middle, does your recovery kind of take an average somewhere in between the recoveries of the two weapons?
  9. Sabre and dagger, rapier and stiletto, whatever the case may be. Or is it better to not, and wield two harder hitting weapons like swords or axes? I think my mind is being led astray from my "DPS" days in WoW, so not sure there is any benefit in this game to wielding a fast offhand. Is there any math or calculation which suggests one is better than the other, or that it's the same, or different scenarios where one is better than the other? Side note: why does this forum seem to love hatchets?
  10. How would you build the infamous Forgotten Realms Assassin? For anyone unfamiliar with the character, see here: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Artemis_Entreri Which class would you choose? Seems like a Rogue would fit the bill, however he's one of the most feared fighters in Faerun, so maybe a Fighter fits better? How would you place his stats, and how would you equip him? His description reads as follows: "Artemis specialized in a two-weapon fighting style with the use of a dagger and a sword, equaling Drizzt in fighting capability. He generally wielded his jeweled dagger
  11. I like the sound of that, thanks for the info! I could drop the shield easily, as it was just a backup plan in case he might take some aggro. Do you know if a pistol counts as one handed, if I switched to it occasionally? Do different chants have different ranges etc to affect friends/foes? How would you suggest I put stats for the swashbuckler/more agile build?
  12. I have been trying to settle on a PC I want to play through the game with and with so many options I have been struggling, but have finally settled on a Swashbuckling human, probably ex pirate gone good (I'm sure this is massively cliche at this stage!). I'd like to play a Chanter, though I'm sure other classes like Rogue probably fit the bill better, but for RP reasons I'm thinking of a bardic/poetic type character who can inspire his shipmates and cut his foes with witty cutting remarks! Honestly I think the slightly passive style of the chanter appeals to me as I already have so many diffe
  13. Thanks for your answer, it's really informative! What's the difference in a Cipher and a Chanter, they seem similar at first glance? If I was interested in a Wizard, is it hard to manage "At rest" abilities and spells? I think I'm leaning towards a Cipher at the moment. Would it be reasonable to build a Cipher with 1h weapon and a small shield, light (or light-ish) armour to help with more damage, and a ranged (or long range weapon like a quarterstaff) option in my second weapon slots if needed? What would be a good stat line for that sort of character? Thank you
  14. Hi all, recently downloaded on PS4 after being interested for a long time (I used to play Baldur's Gate must be nearly 20 years ago now) and am excited to get stuck in. Unfortunately I don't get much time to play any more and playtime is limited, so I expect I'll probably only get one good playthrough of the game over the next few months. Because of that, I'd like to try and experience a little bit of everything (melee, ranged, magic etc) though I know it won't be optimal or the best at anything. I'll probably play on Normal or Hard, I'm worried that if I find myself stuck on something I'l
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