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Me as a Chanter without subclass ^^ 


Eder as Fighter... Frontline is important! I cannot always have dragons to fight for me... Oh well yes, actually I do... But nevermind, I do not like rogues or any combination with them.

Pallegina as Herald. Simply great!

Takehu as Druid only, healing focus.

Xoti as Priest as she also has her great uniqe to kill low health enemies.


I have to say that I'm not the biggest multiclasser but I simply feel stronger when singleclassing. Anyway: This party is impossible to be beaten as I have three guys with resurrection and Eder with his armor and also 2 1/2 healers. I guess Ill still beat this game with that party, if there is another update with Magrans FIres/Flames because the combo is simply unkillable.

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Me (ranger or druid or both or cleric :p


Maia (shooter)

Xoti (cleric)

Éder ( farm boy with turnip  :lol:

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I'll bet ye've got all sorts o' barmy questions! (She mimics your heroic stance) Greetin's, I have some questions... can ye tell me about this place? Who's the Lady o' Pain? I'm lookin' fer the magic Girdle of Swank Iron, have ye seen it? Do ye know where a portal ta the 2,817th Plane o' the Abyss might be? Do ye know where the Holy Flamin' Frost-Brand Gronk-Slayin' Vorpal Hammer o' Woundin' an' Returnin' an' Shootin'-Lightnin'-Out-Yer-Bum is?


Elderly Hive Dweller

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Mine is:


Watcher - evoc wizard

Eder - fighter (dual sabres dps / tank)

Xoti - priest & monk (heals / dps)

Maia - ranger & rogue (dps / stealther)

Pallegina - paladin & fighter (2h dps / tank)


I also switch out Xoti for takehu (heals / dps) Depending on the situation

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I'm avoiding companions until I'm sure they fixed all the bugs. Except for Serafen because I'm a pirate.


Watcher (Assassin) - backstabbing ftw

Rekke (Brute) - fighter/barbarian is a very nice combination

Fassina (Sorcerer) - with healing scrolls, just in case

Serafen (Cipher) - crowd control

Mirke (Shadowdancer) - always drunk and looking for a fight :dancing:

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The first party was:

- Eder (fighter)

- Pallegina (herald)

- Aloth (battlemage) swaped with Xoti (priest)

- Maia (scout)

- MC (devout/ascendant)



Now I am thinking about going for:

- unbroken/illusionist

- shieldbearer/troubadour

- wayfarer/skald

- helwalker of wael or berath

- mc: streetfighter/ascendant

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Healing. And extra heals to heal my healers. My favorite strategy is to let enemies whack away at my party until they (the enemies) fall over dead from exhaustion.


Paladin MC (regen aura, regen shield, regen ring, regen LoH)

Pally Gina (regen chant)

Tekehu (regen zone spell)

Xoti (regen zone spell)

Flex spot (DPS/Mechanics skill)

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Exoduss, on 14 Apr 2015 - 11:11 AM, said: 


also secret about hardmode with 6 man party is :  its a faceroll most of the fights you will Auto Attack mobs while lighting your spliff


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MC - Any Strong AoE dps class

Ydwin - Ranged mindstalker/cc

Maia - Scout

Pallegina - Herald Summoner Healer, support

Eder - Swashbuckler a tank that can do some dps thanks to swashbuckler


alternative version:


MC -strong aoe dps

Ydwin - dw rogue

Maia - Geomancer

Pallegina - Herald Summoner/ healer

Konstanten - Howler Tank+CC

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My main party's made up of,


- MC (Unbroken)
- Eder (Fighter)
- Maia (Scout)
- Xoti (Priest)
- Aloth (Wizard)


Alternative party's made up of,


- MC (Unbroken)

- Pallegina (Herald)
- Maia (Scout)

- Xoti (Priest)
- Serafen (Cipher)

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I am having a blast with a party of 5 multiclasses characters, all of them with a subclass, and without repeating any class. By far thats the most fun party i've played so far and doing pretty well on PotD


The watcher and main tank is a crusader (unbroken fighter + shieldbearer paladin)

the single target dps is a scout (assassin rogue + sharpshooter ranger)

the aoe dps and off tank is a ravager (shattered pillar monk + mage slayer barbarian)

the healer and general support is a celebrant (eothas priest + troubadour chanter)

the jack-of-all-trades is a sorcerer (evoker wizard + lifegiver druid), he can be a damage dealer, offer support and heals to the party and off-tank, depending on what the fight demands.

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Beguiler/Trickster main

Edér Fighter

Pallegina Herald

Aloth Wizard

Xoti Contemplative


Next playthrough

Some Paladin/XXX or Wizard main




Some sidekick that fits into this - possibly Mirke as a streetfighter II/monk - Shoryuken!

If my post hasn't been edited yet, I'm still looking to find the error I made typing it.

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A core group of:

-Watcher  Fighter DPS/Tank

-Xoti  Buff Priestess

-Eder  Fighter Tank 

-Maia Ranger DPS with birdguard


From there I can take Aloth for fancy stuff or story purposes

or Howler Konstanten to have an unkillable party. 

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