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  1. I feel you, fam. I have higher FPS with Kingdom Come:Deliverance on Ultra High settings. I'm getting as low as 30-40 FPS aaand tearing on top of it with 1080p 144Hz monitor, RTX2070 and i7-8700 rig. EDIT: Not getting more than 80 FPS, in Deadlight/Neketaka as low as 30-40. Optimization out the door.
  2. This is very much true, priests fill the role of a buff caster. Healing is mostly obsolete by having a paladin in group. Pallegina with +50% heal chant and expert healer talent heals 3hp per ancient memory tick, another 9 with her aura active and that's basically all you need to survive on PotD. Anything above is extra, occasional heal from gaun's pledge when needed etc.
  3. Priest is not a must but I'd say it certainly helped me. I made Xoti a Priest/Monk, she started the battles with buffs and then joined the fray. She had the second most kills after super-crit Cipher/Rogue main, similar to Aloth. Pallegina and Eder had each ~100 fewer kills.
  4. More XP, yes. Loot? I discovered that is not the case. By boarding you have a chance of getting a cannon (like vailian hullbreaker which are very rare and only one can be bought) plus for some unknown reason, sometimes a unique item from naval combat disappears when either boarding or smashing to smithereens. The loot table also differs for equipment when done differently.
  5. So you can summon wurms, shades AND drakes while quaffing healing potions and using the full potential out of Alchemist's Belt. Duh.
  6. Shattered Pillar was my favorite on paper. Then I looked at monk abilities, realized 10 wounds on you >>> 5 wounds on you, and never even glanced in shattered pillar's general direction again. You are better of being a Nalpazca, if you want a way of creating wounds ouf ot thin air. Pure monk > Pillar monk.
  7. Wands are bad, mmkay? Scepters is what you want to dual-wield. I voted Morning Star - by far the most useful thing we can get. There are two in game, I think, one of which sucks.
  8. Serafen is fine and I'm not native English speaker. Try Udyne in bathhouse. :D
  9. Yep, it's totally irrelevant and has no effect on the game or how well perceived (and rightfully so) it is. But the lvl 5 badge says "Valian Aristocrat" and unless it's suddenly derived from valium (and that's why we feel so good playing PoE), shouldn't it be corrected to the proper "Vailian"? Pet peeve out.
  10. A completionist PotD playthrough took me about 65 hours, scoured everything, killed everything, finished every quest except for companion's I didn't have in party (3 in total). Plus I spent around 15 hours in char creation screen and another 5 or so fiddling with console.
  11. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but this command doesn't do anything for me. Unlock wants an object ID. Unlock Pets is therefore invalid as "Pets" is not an object. Can someone enlighten me, please? EDIT: Nevermind, it's UnlockPets, not Unlock Pets.
  12. Is it just me, or is the sword not as terrible anymore? With legendary enchantment it's on par on damage with magistrate's cudgel (which is a mace). I'm dual-wielding it with my rogue together with the stealth-based spear.
  13. I have a Beguiler/Trickster. Cipher absolutely thrashes everyone with dominations while buffing herself with borrowed instinct and body attunement to let her rogue-alterego kill just about anything. Just got to level 19 and got Ancestor's Memory - holy molly intellect rank 3 inspiration is mighty. Also that's new in the game, right? The rank 3. I'm just glad I chose a flavorful multi-class those 60 hours ago instead of a super-powerful one because the super-powerful ones are now nerfed while I ascended to godhood in terms of usefulness.
  14. I never found more Vailian Hulbreakers. I already cleaned the map except for those ships you are talking about. I understand what you are talking about (range) but I wanted to try the Vailian Hulbreakers against them. Vailian cannons can be obtained by boarding VTC ships. If you blow them to smithereens you can't take some of the spoils.
  15. My Trickster/Beguiler is now meta? From zero to hero. Actually switched permanently from pistols/blunders to melee this week. +10 focus on hits, +1 Pen for cipher, Borrowed Instincts, buffed eyestrike, DoTs,... mmm
  16. Named my Dyrwoodan Poop the Spanish Inquisition because noone expected it to be attacked by it. Upgraded straight up the best one, renamed it Flying Dutchman because everyone can expect it to be attacked by it. Also considered Dyrwoodan Hello and Ondra's Tit but will probably use those names for an island.
  17. For me, I'm sure it comes from the Gothic series. You are basically a fighter gardener, picking every single thing you find from the ground. You're never able to consume it all and most stuff isn't really even worth consuming because they do so little when you can quaff a potion you also have hundreds of, so in the end you just say eff it and keep on picking until you realize you've picked several hundreds of mushrooms and healing herbs. And after you've encountered the cornucopia you are cautious of scenarios where it could run dry. As for buying stuff - there's so much to buy. SO MUCH. I can't justify spending any extra gold I have on consumables when I want to try THAT unique item and get THAT particular ship/upgrade. The amount of gold is finite AFAIK. To quote a Baldur's Gate merchant: "You look like the sort that has more than one piece of gold to rub together." Yea, I wish.
  18. I always had, both in PoE and now PoE II, all summon figurines at the ready and never actually used them. :/ When I do remember, however, I forget again right in the next battle. This is likely not affecting me at all. If anything, I'll never use them now because of the classic "But what if I need it later." Same goes for potions and most consumables. I hoard everything till the end based on the former reasoning. :/ I mean I'm about 40-50 hours in and just now used my first drug to grab a soulbound mace. I use potions seldomly only with Xoti who has high alchemy stat and occasionally throw a grenade with Edér (but more often not). Once I planted a grenade into a bounty's sidekick. I can get by in fights with debuffing and switching weapons. I need to start using consumables more, would ease my life a bit.
  19. Finally finished it on the 8th try with only one killed Craftsman, but not by me at least, and apparently only the champion and savor is singled out by guards when attacking villagers. Huge steel golems are permitted to kill people all fine. Guards have bigger problems - like watching, if perhaps I dealt a damage to someone.
  20. There are battles orchestrated in cities. The cities are populated. And you probably realize now what this is about. You are thumping into a massive iron golem with your sword and blasting spells to his plate...everyone is screaming but still all too casual to care, just walking around. A villager takes a stroll according to his AI behavior, minding his own business, right through the battlefield when suddenly WotEP deals a point of damage to them and half the city wants to kill you. Or rememeber the guard that stood 2 meters from your adversary guarding nothing, not even watching the battle? All of a sudden they decided to move directly into a fireball blast and now half the city wants to kill you. I am now trying to kill Kathrenn the 6th time in a row because of this and ragequit on the 5th. I'm apparently low level on PotD, all the golems are 3 red skulls. I can do it without anyone getting unconscious but only dealing 1-2 damage to the Ironclad Giants per attack. It takes ages to down them and then this happens. Reload. Doing my best, no AoE attacks, but something always triggers them to go after me. Tried to lure them away, semi-succesfully, killed all but one who still stood by the villagers, he didn't want to follow me. Half the city wanted to kill me. Again. It's the chicken from Skyrim all over again, but genuinely hard to avoid! A solution proposed: Can you please, like, not go into the line of fire, dumb city dwellers? Like perhaps, run and hide while your watcher and savior rips their head off?
  21. Beguiler/Trickster main Edér Fighter Pallegina Herald Aloth Wizard Xoti Contemplative Next playthrough Some Paladin/XXX or Wizard main Tekehu Maia Serafen Some sidekick that fits into this - possibly Mirke as a streetfighter II/monk - Shoryuken!
  22. I tried to install the game on another computer - used my save of the new game right before getting 7th companion. Still nothing. I didn't have the faintest idea what caused this, so I decided to reinstall the whole game for the 3rd time. Deleted everything everywhere regarding PoE II (so everything in AppData and Saved Games folders plus I got rid of the sync file made by steam and deactivated sync), downloaded the whole 45GB+ package, started another new game and got the achievement. Finally. Based on all this I have to think it might be a problem with Steam synchronization that was bugging my game. The case of installing the game on another computer and it still being broken has to mean either sync problem that the game uploaded to steam server and copied over different platforms, or my savegame files made on first platform were corrupted from the beginning for unknown reasons and synchronization just copied already faulty files. Thank you for noticing either way, wish I could help more.
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