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  1. I feel you, fam. I have higher FPS with Kingdom Come:Deliverance on Ultra High settings. I'm getting as low as 30-40 FPS aaand tearing on top of it with 1080p 144Hz monitor, RTX2070 and i7-8700 rig. EDIT: Not getting more than 80 FPS, in Deadlight/Neketaka as low as 30-40. Optimization out the door.
  2. This is very much true, priests fill the role of a buff caster. Healing is mostly obsolete by having a paladin in group. Pallegina with +50% heal chant and expert healer talent heals 3hp per ancient memory tick, another 9 with her aura active and that's basically all you need to survive on PotD. Anything above is extra, occasional heal from gaun's pledge when needed etc.
  3. Priest is not a must but I'd say it certainly helped me. I made Xoti a Priest/Monk, she started the battles with buffs and then joined the fray. She had the second most kills after super-crit Cipher/Rogue main, similar to Aloth. Pallegina and Eder had each ~100 fewer kills.
  4. More XP, yes. Loot? I discovered that is not the case. By boarding you have a chance of getting a cannon (like vailian hullbreaker which are very rare and only one can be bought) plus for some unknown reason, sometimes a unique item from naval combat disappears when either boarding or smashing to smithereens. The loot table also differs for equipment when done differently.
  5. So you can summon wurms, shades AND drakes while quaffing healing potions and using the full potential out of Alchemist's Belt. Duh.
  6. Shattered Pillar was my favorite on paper. Then I looked at monk abilities, realized 10 wounds on you >>> 5 wounds on you, and never even glanced in shattered pillar's general direction again. You are better of being a Nalpazca, if you want a way of creating wounds ouf ot thin air. Pure monk > Pillar monk.
  7. Wands are bad, mmkay? Scepters is what you want to dual-wield. I voted Morning Star - by far the most useful thing we can get. There are two in game, I think, one of which sucks.
  8. Serafen is fine and I'm not native English speaker. Try Udyne in bathhouse. :D
  9. Yep, it's totally irrelevant and has no effect on the game or how well perceived (and rightfully so) it is. But the lvl 5 badge says "Valian Aristocrat" and unless it's suddenly derived from valium (and that's why we feel so good playing PoE), shouldn't it be corrected to the proper "Vailian"? Pet peeve out.
  10. A completionist PotD playthrough took me about 65 hours, scoured everything, killed everything, finished every quest except for companion's I didn't have in party (3 in total). Plus I spent around 15 hours in char creation screen and another 5 or so fiddling with console.
  11. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but this command doesn't do anything for me. Unlock wants an object ID. Unlock Pets is therefore invalid as "Pets" is not an object. Can someone enlighten me, please? EDIT: Nevermind, it's UnlockPets, not Unlock Pets.
  12. Is it just me, or is the sword not as terrible anymore? With legendary enchantment it's on par on damage with magistrate's cudgel (which is a mace). I'm dual-wielding it with my rogue together with the stealth-based spear.
  13. I have a Beguiler/Trickster. Cipher absolutely thrashes everyone with dominations while buffing herself with borrowed instinct and body attunement to let her rogue-alterego kill just about anything. Just got to level 19 and got Ancestor's Memory - holy molly intellect rank 3 inspiration is mighty. Also that's new in the game, right? The rank 3. I'm just glad I chose a flavorful multi-class those 60 hours ago instead of a super-powerful one because the super-powerful ones are now nerfed while I ascended to godhood in terms of usefulness.
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