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  1. I haven't been on here since Deadfire but just logging on again to register my disappointment with this decision. I was mildly interested in The Outer Worlds but now I plan to not buy it, ever. This isn't how you treat the PC players who supported Obsidian with our goodwill and then our Kickstarter dollars.
  2. I miss those dense characters, compared to the faction reps we got in PoE2. As for the OP, I've heard people complain about the story in Divinity Original Sin, too. On my first playthrough of PoE1, I found the story a bit dry and just serviceable. I appreciated it more when I delved a little deeper. Probably most critics don't invest the time.
  3. I got some disapproval for choosing to hunt the whale (or whatever it's called) in a sea encounter.
  4. I chose The White That Wends, for something completely different. For Eastern Reach I chose the Vailian Republics.
  5. The problem is that people like to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of a long, involved game. Going through all that to essentially end up a spectator doesn't give a sense of reward or consequence.
  6. I consider that an exploit and even if I'd been aware of it, not sure I'd use it, since it makes no sense.
  7. So you need a mod to make sense of the casting system? Buffing a few druid spells is not going to fix what's wrong with them IMO. The limitations of level up and restricted casting per encounter are baked in. I guess it would help if there was some druid-specific equipment like the +1 cast rings that priests and wizards get. Or let druids use nature-based grimoires, to get the versatility back.
  8. Your statement that a xaurip fight is harder than a boss fight. Druids were extremely deadly in PoE1, especially with mobs. In PoE2 you aren't deadly and you aren't a great healer, you're just the weak link. I guess you have to play wizard in PoE2 in order to still feel like a spellcaster.
  9. Because the OP asked about changes to the casting system, not just the rest system. And if you like spamming the same few spells every time, if that's an enjoyable player experience for you, I suppose PoE2 is the game for you. This response makes me think you're not really serious. Although granted, the druid toolkit in PoE1 was excellent for mobs. Not so much now that I have to play junior healer all the time. The casting changes more than anything else has killed PoE2's replayability for me. I spent upwards of 300 hours on PoE1, mostly with a druid PC. Also the companion blah'ness.
  10. Are you sure your assumption about what's assumed is correct? I would assume everyone rests before a boss fight. And I see no evidence in PoE1 that boss fights were made easy because of the assumption that players wouldn't have any spells available. I myself found PoE2 pretty easy. The only boss fight I had trouble in was when I left Aloth behind to try to take someone else for rp reasons.
  11. Aside from Arcane Assault, that was all casters got to do in Pillars 1 when you didn't want to cast spells, so I have no idea what you're even talking about. Deadfire has longer cast times and interruptions as a concept. It's not just the casting of spells that's important, it's positioning your spells and being conscious of the threat the caster is under. This is in addition to having to account for what types of afflictions your enemy resists, what types of afflictions you yourself have, and much more. More importantly though, the average fight in Pillars 1 had the much smaller
  12. How many melee players would want to stand around doing nothing for half the fight waiting for the opportune time to hit somebody? So why should casters have to do that? I don't see the fights in Deadfire as a tactical puzzle or engaging at all. They consist of casting the same few spells over and over, because your repertoire is so small. Game design is about engaging the player to think and make choices. What's a chore is when the player is not challenged to do those things. Per rest systems inherently encourage the player to think less, to make fewer choices that are all binary by n
  13. I did rest more frequently in PoE1, but hardly after every fight, and I certainly felt in PoE2 that I couldn't cast much. Without multiclassing I would be standing around or reduced to scrolls for half the fight. I don't play a caster to have to play melee half the time. The opposite side of being able to use your favorite spells is that with more limited spells, there are only a couple that are really useful at least for druid. I hated having to spam healing spells because my priest wasn't keeping up and then being out of anything else to cast. I would rather either choose them myse
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