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  1. If you can't even see the traps to attempt to disarm them, then it's perception you need. I had no trap problems other than one tripwire that my mechanic insisted could only be disarmed by walking straight across it and tinkering from the other side. Alright dang, I thought I have 18 perception, guess I'll have to swap companions or create a custom. Thank you very much.
  2. As topic says. Do you need a really high mechanics? I can't even get a option to disarm. Some I know u can kite enemies over to trigger Is there some secert? So many traps an chest in the beginning that are OHK. Thanks in advanced
  3. Thank you very very much! Sorry for be so basic. im new to poe and pc gaming
  4. Yup. i do that but i always get a error. giveitem The Red Hand giveitem theredhand giveitemtheredhand giveitem_the_red_hand So i'm asking what is the correct format please
  5. I'm on my second play through and i have been messing around with a few of the console commands. I have a issue with trying to add items through the console command. Everywhere i read says: giveitem (item name) Ive tried all different ways and i cant figure it out. I'm new to the console commands obviously, Please help! Im just trying to add, The red hand or the Devil of caroc armor. Thank you for the help
  6. Spoilers: So I joined the Valian Trading Company, and of course Maia doesn't like that so she leaves. The problem is she wont stop writing me her farewell letter, I believe I've gotten 16 already. Is there a way to stop this or is it a bug?
  7. I had Pallegina leave my party once from my choices in a quest. Spoilers below: It was the one quest where you go to Dunegage to find Guccio (A pirate band of godlike have him hostage) if you choose to have him killed then she will leave the party.
  8. Mine is: Watcher - evoc wizard Eder - fighter (dual sabres dps / tank) Xoti - priest & monk (heals / dps) Maia - ranger & rogue (dps / stealther) Pallegina - paladin & fighter (2h dps / tank) I also switch out Xoti for takehu (heals / dps) Depending on the situation
  9. Is there any negative effects to using cheats with the console commands? As in trophys/achievements on steam get blocked? I'm thinking of playing around with them but if there's a negative effect to using them then I will wait for my 2nd playthrough.
  10. Do item values fluctuate with difficulty? I'm playing on Vetern and those two items only sell for 12k. So I figure it's based on difficulty or I'm not going to the correct merchant to sell. Any one know for sure?
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