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  1. Thank you very much for your answer m8 - we will see how they will manage it.
  2. Thx I just wanted to know if new dlc will have effect for main story or if finished main story will have effect on the new dlc?
  3. Hey, I would like to ask you, when we can begin new adventure in Beast Of Winter DLC? Do we need to finish the main game or is does not matter at all? I already finish the main game with all main and sub quests and now I am just waiting for dlc so will be possible for me to begin new dlc or not? Thank you for your answer and sorry for my poor english.
  4. Hey, I had exactly same problem as you. Anyway game does not have any problem with that. Everything is installed corectly. For my first time I had it same as you, without check mark and with grey "godandag". Second time when I launch game "godandag" was not there anymore and now after maybe 4-5 launches is everything correct. Gold name of dlc with check mark and notes as another dlc's.
  5. Farsha, that's possible for sure but my watcher was a bit oposite then your's, that's way I have succesfuly romance with Xoti and with Pallegina different opinions in a lot of situations so it means more negative points with her.
  6. For now I know for sure just two situation, probably there will be more what I found in forums such as if you will screw up some faction quest or if you will do that in another way then she likes, but for sure her personal quest if you will leave kill Guccio.Another one if you will try stealth something in VTC base and guards catch you, mostly in director's office after that she will leave and begin hostile.
  7. I agree with all of it, just as I said before, I would like to have xoti and pallegina together. Actualy as you said Pallegina has very good subclasses, but I am not using her as a Herald like a lot of people but just like crusader in front line with eder. And xoti is just healer and buff's specialist for all group. With that group I've not have problem throught all POE 2 with any fights at all.
  8. She will leave party cause it is her personal quest so you have to save Guccio for all cost. But be honest I realy do not like her person in POE 2, in previous game I like her,but here not realy. Anyway I think that obsidian still need a bit improve all reputation system in POE2.
  9. Actualy I've never had situation where they fight to each other, fortunately, but I red quite a lot of topics where some players have that problem in the end, mostly with Xoti and Pallegina, that's way I am using this method to keep them in peace. What I saw for example Eder like her opinions same as Maia. I did not try another companions, so I do not have experiences with serafen, aloth and others. I am using Eder and Pallegina in front line, Xoti as buffs and healer specialist and Maia and my MC (wizard)for range attacks.
  10. One more think, if you used that captain food for imunity to their mind attacks, dont rest again and leave that affect in your group for boss fight in that undead city cause is a bit expensive to craft that again and I think you will need that for that fight.
  11. Well quite long time I though up how to keep these companions in my group cause I need both of them. We know that Pallegina does not like Xoti's opinions and Xoti a bit same with Pallegina's opinions, mostly if Pallegina is still a bit upset from my decisions i POE 1. Anyway I had a idea which I am using all that time throught all game in POE 2. If there is some interaction or conversation pro Xoti or Pallegina, I am keeping just one of them in party that moment. For example: If I spoke with Xoti about her live, believes or did her story quest I took out Pallegina from party which means that s
  12. You can try boost your will or use some food or potion to boost your resistence to mind or intelect affliction, but there is unfortunately still chance to dominate your party members.Thats way I used simple food for all party members. Before I tried svef and another things as well,but it gives you just resistance to intelect affliction, but you need something for IMUNITE to mind affliction. Best thing for it is food called Captain Banquet, or something like that. Same strategy I used fot Fampyr's Crypt. If you have imunity to mind affliction, they cannot dominate or charm your companions and t
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