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  1. Can someone please help me figure out how to fix this issue. I'm not sure if it's my computer or my settings but when I play Deadfire on PC my characters look choppy on the character menus. When I play on console everyone looks great. I've attached my graphics settings for the game. I've played through much of the game like this but it's so annoying and I would like to fix it before I start a new character. Please help! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LH777fnWlb3WsWDA2SolSqVUfi1a967r/view?usp=drive_link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iBtrgjBeVx6RRYp_C0wd-Sc78MbRSq2j/view?usp=drive_link
  2. When you begin digging at the spot where the skeleton appears, nothing looks like it has been unearthed (though that’s normal with most dig-able objects), on the second swipe with the black ant shovel a bit of the skeleton is revealed, and the final swipe brings the entire skeleton in view.. for about half a second until it disappears. Lol hope this gets patched soon.
  3. My pet weevil somehow got stuck underground and I can't access it anymore. I was exploring the sandbox when I noticed the little weevil pet icon off to the left in the haze so I checked my inventory to confirm that yep, it was not following me anymore. When I went over to the icon to go get it back though I quickly discovered the thing was somehow underground. I don't mean in a cave or a lab by the way, I mean glitched under the ground and completely inaccessible. It's holding so much important loot please someone help me.
  4. Ever since the new update came out there has been three new achievements in game. I have been in lvl 5 max coziness for over 4 real time days now but I still haven't gotten that achievement as well as I've dupped a trinket and weapon so far and still haven't gotten that achievement either. Its a bit annoying considering I've also been having host randomly crash as well as I, water droplets falling off dew collectors when I leave the area and not being able to drink them on the ground because I'm not host and host sees them still on the dew collector, the sound of grass falling the "timber" sound for me has also not been happening on last hits more than 3/4 of the time, spider webs are invisible for me (again not host ), walls sometimes are fully built but still look like blueprints and the game has been more laggy when I open my inventory, mutations and all those ever since too. Safe to say im not happy at all right now. Edit: Just defeated the wasp queen and host got the achievement and I did not. yeah no I'm not happy. (I have a Xbox game clip to back up killing her) to also add yesterday we did all mixers and we both got the one achievement for that right away, so it isn't Xbox nor all grounded achievements, just these new ones.( Can confirm the gotta peep them all achievement also works for only host and no one else still too) Edit Number Two: WE FOUND A WORK AROUND! So we created a shared copy of the world and I hosted the world in this case, as soon as I loaded in as the host I got all 4 achievements I was missing instantly. Seems like only host is getting these achievements as of right now. I hope there's a actual fix soon! ((Sorry for the roller coaster))
  5. So me and a buddy have been playing this game religiously for a while now on the hardest difficulty. Love the game btw. However after finding the black ant hill chip, when trying to return it to burgl, we found that he was stuck behind a wall. We have tried everything possible to at least be able to turn it in and have had no luck. Is there any way to fix this. I doubt we will be able to progress any further if not.
  6. My friend and I use a shared world and everything was fine. We did all the Labs and nearly 100hrs of gameplay but suddenly we can't sleep on our bed anymore. It always says we're Too Awake no matter if it's night. So far I've tried: Loading the last save Rebuilding beds and lean-to Waited for a whole in-game day Suicide Logged into the server alone Verifying the game files on Steam Still no luck!! Platform: PC - Steam Multiplayer Shared-World hosted by a friend or me i7 12700k 32GB GTX 1070
  7. After the update “1.0.4”, whenever I go to kill an enemy, my run cycle goes from fast to walking speed and my walking speed even slower. It only fixes itself when I close out the entire game. If I don’t hit any enemies, I’m fine.
  8. While looking for the grave robbery chip in the ant colony. I found a legit hole in the map and I've been able to replicate it 3 times. You don't have to do anything special, just simply walking forward where it is and you'll fall.
  9. So I started the Javamatic, went down to make the repair for 'power' decided to go off and finish my collectables, kill the Dr. And a few in game days and a new version of the game passed. Then I went back and now I have no prompts at the calculator, or the machine itself where you insert the ingredients. The screen isn't on on the calculator and the zipline works backwards now. Taking me up instead of down. Any solutions or is anyone having similar problems? I'm pretty disappointed that I've put a good amount of time into this to get all the collectables bar no.6 Misc (currently bugged) to be stopped at the end of the game by a bug that blocks any progress. Hopefully theyll sort a patch out because I'm not feeling to run all this again!
  10. my objective is to Switch on the javamatic but the button says “needs repairs” and I went to fix the MIX.R with gum but there isn’t a prompt.
  11. I have mithdradisim (poison guard) equipped and once I go to fight a wolf spider I get the poison effect even though I have mithdradisim equipped
  12. I'll add video below but what is basically going on. Is the game won't let me load any of my saves and when I do it bring me to a save where it's basically up to date. But it deleted all my weapons and Armour and lost so much more and un able to even load older saves. Loading any save brings me to the same save with all items etc lost. And since I play on Whoa mode. I 2-3-2022_2-49-48_PM-ibxssitv.mp4 t's not something I wanna re grind all my lvl weapons again and bows. Really this is more annoying then when the game use to crash x amount of times.
  13. My first time playing after the new update and there is a bug that wasn't there before regarding the Mushroom arch. This may happen with other building peices but I'm not sure. When walking on the overhanging walkway on my bases wall that has Mushroom arches underneath my character very annoyingly shoots up and down every time he passes over an arch underneath the floor. Even though it's not sticking through the floor he acts as though he's running over a bump every 3 steps. It's a very minor yet annoying bug.
  14. I was building an expansion to my house/base and i tried to delete a wall to make way for a door frame, but when i deleted the wall, it dropped two grass planks but didnt "technically" delete the wall. its almost as if its stuck in between existence and non-existence. I can still see the wall, and i can still collide with it, but when i jump i clip through the wall. I cant recycle the wall anymore, implying that it is indeed not really there, but i can place blueprints for wall decorations such as Trophies on this non-existent wall. what happened and is there a fix?
  15. Having a regular occurring issue when landing with the Dandelion Glider. Often when landing from holding the glider, the camera stays stuck in third person. As a player who uses First Person mode, this is very frustrating and has resulted in many deaths. this issue does resolve itself after time however it is a very annoying bug that I hope gets fixed. Xbox Gamer Tag: JayTheDrummer26 other than this one issue, I love the game and can’t wait for the full release! It’s clear how much time the obsidian team have put into the making of Grounded and I hope they continue to impress, excite and surprise us with future updates! Keep up the good work!!
  16. I’m having problems with Max- I’ve done The Illustrated Manual and the main quest line in Edgewater, and he keeps saying he’ll meet me on my ship but he never actually does. I have already finished the Roseway Quests and still nothing. I keep going back to Edgewater but he never gets on my ship even when he says he’s going to. I’m playing on th switch and I’m not sure if that’s causing the glitch or if it’s something else. Is anyone else having this problem? Please help me, I really want him to join my crew.
  17. So we have been playing grounded for about a week or so now with some of our buddies. We do have a couple suggestions that we would like to put forward: Visual Aspects: Adding those little ****tail umbrella's that are found in drinks that can be used similarly to the dandelion tuff. Changing the hotdog visual so it does not look like clay Would love more decor options in the game for base design In-Game Features: In the gas zone, it would be neat that if you took out a torch you would explode due to the gases in the air. Alternatively if you used a slime torch you would be fine though. Our friends and myself almost had a moment of panic when our buddy pulled out his torch. Smoothie effects from smoothie station should last longer, especially the smoothie that increases carrying capacity. Should be at least 10 minutes minimum. Things that we have found annoying: 1) The bird at the birdbath: We've tried to build a base here, but the bird blocks some areas off on the second floor of our base whenever he pays us a visit. It's seriously annoying. 2) Backpacks that cannot be reached: We have had some backpacks that have fallen into the abyss and keep falling forever 3) Running into sprigs/grass blades: I know it is probably an aspect of the game but damn these things are annoying. Would be nice if we didn't glitch out on them sometimes. 4) Pebble foundations are really annoying to place, we ended up switching to clay. 5) Sometimes extremely difficult to revive someone, and it keeps cancelling the revival 6) Grubs spawning in rocks 6) Collecting all the arrows after they are shot: sometimes you walk up to them and kick it across the map.
  18. So it seems the Copperlane map stuff is being put on top of every other map in the city.So all of the magnifying glass prompts, the hidden cache, the names of locations on the map like the Goose and the Fox. All of that is just being put on top of every other map and I've mostly been able to navigate around it, I just have to walk around the areas with the magnifying glass prompts but I literally can't complete a quest because it's blocking my access to an NPC. I haven't been able to find anything about this in all the bug threads I've seen so I was wondering if anyone had a clue how to fix this. It started when I entered Copperlane and so far it has affected every single location I've been to afterwards. Screenshot from the Goose and the Fox. I need to speak to Weaxel for "Something Secret" and I can't reach him because the entire area is covered by the magnifying prompt for some reason. Other prompts don't take over entire areas so I have to assume this is part of the bug.
  19. Currently on 3.3 if I host and someone joins me they can't seem to move beyond the starting point of the game. They load up but can't move and at times can't see anything. They are stuck in the beginning spawn point of the game but can't do anything else other than to close the game out. Tried multiple saves and other ways to get around this but isn't possible. I can join others but others can't join me.
  20. I can not save my games on single or multiplayer, my friends world vanishes and has to reload the game about 5 times before it pops back up, but for me no saves at all, i do love the game, but this bug/glitch makes it so uninjoyable if i cant save
  21. For some reason the north west ant hill, where all the ant eggs are, makes my frame rate drop like crazy! like I'm talking it takes me 5 minutes to get out of that 'zone' (150m radius of that ant hill). Anytime I get close to it I'm basically stuck with that high ping problem until I can get about 200m away from it... I've concluded it must be the epicenter of my problem. Extra Info: I'm on xbox one, and it's been happening since the last update.. I think it may be because of the sheer amount of ants that are in that cave that are causing it but I'm not an expert and have absolutely no idea tbh
  22. Hey everyone, So I just had a weird possible bug happen in the game. I have a base on the root to the west of the light next to the south side of the oak tree. And I noticed a wolf spider had got "stuck" under the root on the eats side of the light (right next to the south entrance into the oak tree). So I proceeded to kill it and was able to down it with only arrows and not leaving my base. It was night time when I finally fell the beast, so I decided to sleep so I could grab the parts in the morning. Once my character woke I climbed up to the light, and floated to the root it was under. Now up until I floated down I could see the corpse was still there. However once I jumped down almost exactly where it should've been it was gone. My arrows were still there, but the body had disappeared. Anyone else have something like this happen? I wasn't sure if it glitched through the ground, or got taken by some other bug, or just despawned a little too quickly. I wasn't sure if anyone knows if the despawn timer is quicker for corpses that it is items. Or if there is something else at play here. Just a little bummed because I only need one more spider chunk and spider fang and this might have been my chance. Thanks everyone. EDIT: Wanted to add that I'm playing on the Xbox version of the game with the latest update.
  23. I'm on Xbox and I have seen on YouTube that there are supposed to be raw science points hidden around the map but they aren't showing up in my game. For example I saw in a video on YouTube there was one in the labs in the battery room and another one on the lamp near the oak tree but when I went to these places they where not showing up. Is this a bug or do the spawn in random locations?
  24. I play this game on XBox One, and I have encountered an issue involving a bombardier beetle near the big flat rock near the northwest corner of the map (or, at least as far northwest as I've been so far). I was looking around for a way to get onto the rock, because i heard it's a good place for a base, when i got the "Threat Detected" notification. I saw nothing nearby, until the poison started spraying at me out of nowhere. I dodged several hits, but still didn't see the bug, so i was eventually killed. Are there supposed to be invisible Bombardiers, or is this glitch gonna be fixed soon?
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