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  1. Are the NPCs in their final form? Where you just click on them and see a wall of text? You can't interact with them or anything? I'm just asking because some of the things we were asked on the survey seemed to imply much more robust roles.
  2. I thought you guys liked RPGs? I thought you guys liked Bloodlines? http://www.kickstart...al-rpg?ref=live Well, this is Brian Mitsoda's freaking ZRPG! Kickstarter ends in 7 days, get on it! If you support them now, you can get the game at half the price it'd be at release. Pretty sweet deal! Of course, greater funding leads to greater rewards. The goal is already met, the game will be made. BUT, there are lots of stretch goals. We're approaching 200K as of now. Recent previews: http://www.forbes.co...-brian-mitsoda/ http://rampantgames.com/blog/?p=4534 http://justpressstart.net/?p=10205
  3. I just want to say that even though I'm completely 100% behind the Kickstarter, and I've already pledged, I don't like the fact that you're giving away an exclusive in-game item (regardless of whether it affects balance). I don't like it when developers make parts of their game inaccessible a whole section of the community. I understand that you are trying to incentivize pledging, but I've always felt that sales incentives should neither touch the game itself nor be unobtainable after a certain time. I also understand that you can't exactly go back on what you've said you'd give people, so I would be happy if you at least promised not to offer any other exclusive in-game items for any other promotion. Again, I love the project and the spirit behind it, I just hope that you can stay as far away from modern gimmicks like that as possible.
  4. Hi all! I only just figured out how to 'finalise' my $140 pledge - it'd been linked and sitting in my PoE account for months up until now. After Update #83, I pushed it through and now the website shows confirmation of my order. Anyway, my question is this - Is there a place on the PoE website that confirms, with details, what you have pledged for? The reason I ask is that I briefly read through the list of stuff whilst I was finalising, and I'm pretty sure it mentioned things like: thank you postcard from the developers campaign almanac in-game item exclusive pet cooking with Tim making of documentary etc. However, the only way to see a similar list is to start a new pledge, but when doing that, the $140 pledge doesn't appear quite as complete (I've attached a screenshot). Are there two lists? Am I wrong in this? Am I going MAD? I would like to confirm that my pledge includes the items that I thought it did! Adding to my concern is that my order confirmation simply lists my pledge as a 'Retail Collector's Edition'... which makes it sound like something different to a KS pledge. Thanks in advance for help and advice. I'm not in anyway upset, just would like to confirm that my pledge rewards haven't changed without me realising. Cheers!
  5. <iframe width="640" height="480" src="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/5livesstudios/satellite-reign/widget/video.html" frameborder="0"> </iframe> Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based strategy game. You control a team of four agents, each with distinct and unique abilities, collectively battling for control of a fully simulated, living cyberpunk city. The game world is designed to facilitate emergent gameplay, giving you the tools and freedom to play how you want to play, so you can create strategies and scenarios that not even we had anticipated! Customize your team with the strength to destroy your enemies head-on, or hack into their facilities to manipulate their infrastructure without them ever knowing you were even there. Will you take down your enemies with brute-force? Covert espionage and infiltration? Or will you use propaganda to influence the citizens of the city and overthrow the controlling powers? The city is huge and you can move around and tackle objectives however you want to. You won't be spoon-fed one mission after another, you'll be able to use whatever means you can to get to your final goal. Bribe scientists to advance your technologies, and kidnap doctors to augment your agents. Steal money from the banks to fund your war against the corporations, and exploit neural implants to bend the will of others. Or, try to take your objectives through good old-fashioned brute-force. <iframe frameborder="0" height="380" src="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/5livesstudios/satellite-reign/widget/card.html" width="220"></iframe>
  6. Continuation of this thread. Last topic discussion was whether or not it was a true Kickstarter game.
  7. Hello everyone, I love good as every game by Obsidian and when I played The Stick of Truth I thought once again that it would be so unbelievable awesome if Obsidian could make a third KotOR game. Years ago we had the problem that LucasArts thought that rubbish like The Old Republic could be something like a KotOR 3-6. But every KotOR fan knows that story and gameplay of The Old Republic were junk. Now Disney has the rights of Star Wars and we all know that they just want to make as much money as they can with this franchise. So why can't Obsidian ask them how much money they need to pay for getting the permission to make KotOR 3 and after that Obsidian could make a Kickstarter project with the goal of this amount of money? I would definitely buy 200 $ to make a KotOR 3 possible. I am sorry for my bad English. I am from Germany and I read on a German gaming network (http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic/news/kotor_3,34840,3058279.html) that Obsidian still talks about KotOR 3 but also that it is as good as impossible that it will ever be in production. In my opinion KotOR 2 was the best game of all time and that's why I had to share this idea with you. Greetings N E R O
  8. Hi guys, Until the Xmas break (now), I hadn't much time to refer to the forums (i.e. I assume that the devs are working with the community), so I got my information from Kickstarter updates. I apologise if this sounds self-serving or lazy: Would it be possible to include in the forthcoming updates, more feedback / Q&A etc. from the team? Josh has been doing a fantastic job, and this request is mostly to sate the desire to hear the "technical" / "strategic" project management and implementation particulars from the frontline as well as from leads. Earlier updates introduced the PE team to us, and I'd like this fleshed out a bit further. What has been working well for you? What (if anything) you like / dislike / were surprised about with regard to the Unity toolset? Was there some feature of the Unity engine you found counter-intuitive at first? Or felt constrained by? What is your proudest achievement (i.e. deliverable) to-date or what are you most excited about? What task are you most looking forward to? Thank you!
  9. Ever since i first put money into this project and selected the signed collectors edition i have been wondering how the physical goods are gonna be shipped and how they will be "classified", for lack of a better word, during shipping. I'll explain why this is important, at least to me. My country has a very low value treshold for importing foreign goods for personal use. Anything above about 35$ you have to pay a fee for clearing it through customs and some 25% of the goods' value. What exactly is going to determine the goods' value when i didn't directly purchase them? Is it going to be the total amount i pledged? Dear gods, the guys that gave 10k is in for a surprise then. Will the various items be designated a static value by either publisher or developer? Or will they be marked as "gifts" with or without a value stamped on the package?
  10. Based on recent E3 previews -.-.- Congratulations ! The hype, recognition & anticipation received is well-deserved and all I have to add is how proud I feel that I have backed this project. From one GM & RPGamer to another, congrats on making the dream come true !
  11. Maybe someone here knows, why the Kickstarter update screenshot shows the Boxed Copy for $50, when it was $65 during Kickstarter (and still is on my pledge page)? The Digital Collector's Edition, on the other hand, is more expensive now: I payed $80 ($65 + $15 for shipping) during kickstarter for a boxed copy, and now people that just joined can buy the same for less? I want to support the game, but I feel I'm just losing $15 here for no reason. I already sent a message to Obsidian yesterday, but got no reply....
  12. Okay need some help over the last 3 weeks I have sent 4-5 emails asking about the Tshirt reward for pillars of eternity asking if they only have men's versions or is there a woman's version. Meaning shirt style not content on the shirt, but I have not received a response back. I need to know cause I am giving the shirt to a friend and the size I order will depend on if I get a men's version or a ladies version. Thanks
  13. This is really a general question about all Kickstarters, but it also applies very specifically to PoE. I see a lot of comments on not only PoE but DFA, etc., stating how criticism of the game is invalid because the person making the criticism is talking about features that would "invalidate" the feel and/or mission statement of the proposed game. For instance, lots of people wanted to be able to hold down the mouse to be able to move in Broken Age, as is modern convention in keyboard design, but others responded with "you're playing it wrong" or "but that's not how old games were made" or even - and this one I love - "go back to playing Call of Duty". Subsequently, lots of people have a problem with a lot of the Old Skool Design Elements that Josh Sawyer has decided to get rid of, almost as many as those that have a problem with them being taken away in favor of balance. Again, this has led to everything from name calling to personal attacks on the IQ levels of certain or all forum users. My question is this: how much of an obligation do developers who make these retrostarters have to their fans? Obviously, they have to make a game they themselves are proud of or what's the point really? But also, they do make statements that will be interpreted to mean they are making a game that is a 1:1 design of whatever it is that they are mimicing. As a secondary follow-up: are criticisms of these games invalid just based on the simple idea that they go against what the game "is trying to do"?
  14. A Kickstarter campaign launched for Zaharia recently. They have a pre-alpha demo / prototype that you can DL. I think this game looks really promising and I'm always looking for cRPGs that are not in the standard generic Tolkien style fantasy setting. And it has turn-based tactical battles, which is my favorite. Some of the proposed features: • Real time stealth system, similar to the one of Commandos series. • Nonlinearity in the narrative and interpretative aspects, allowing the player not only to choose which quest to start from, without urgent obligations, but also to make a lot of choices and then solve a problem in more than one way; • A Fallout-like open world; • Lots of choices and consequences that dynamically influence the context of the game; • A huge variety of abilities and statistics to manage, in order to craft and personalize one’s own alter-ego in every possible aspect; • An original setting created from scratch, completely different from the usual fantasy worlds and inspired to the late Medieval Persia and Arabia; • Living NPCs, provided with an IA that allows them to react dynamically to the player’s actions and to create really deep interpersonal relationships; • No fillers, like useless fights, made to extend the game’s longevity in artificial ways; • Presence of mature themes like slavery, sexuality, racism, theology, philosophy, morality, politics, and so on; • Five main factions to choose, each one deeply characterized and different from the others; • Innovative magic system that turns mages into something different from just portable siege machines; • Fights are not mandatory in most cases, and it won’t be necessary to use a character who excels at combat to end the game; • Tons of multiple choice dialogues, in order to grant the player a large range of interpretations; • No moral dualism. I'm pretty excited about this game but worried they won't reach their funding goal.
  15. Catching up on news, I ran into this article on RPS this morning: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/12/14/obsidians-bold-future-eternity-meets-skyrim-a-second-ks/ I'll now quote the article, which quotes Feargus , "What I’m trying to figure out is, how could we make something that is more like a Skyrim for PC – forget console for now – with the engine we made in Unity for Eternity? Where we are with our conversation, quest, data editors, and all of that. If we were careful about scope and let Chris Avellone go wild with creating a new world, more of an open world, what could we do?" Later, "What could we do that would be interesting enough and at the right quality level?” he ponders aloud. “Because the one worry we have about moving away from pre-rendered stuff, is that as soon as we get into first-person or third-person or something like that, the expectation of triple-A-level console graphics comes in. So what can we do for a lower budget but let people still say, ‘Whoa, that’s crazy’?” Obsidian... Guys&Gals... I have one word for you: MINECRAFT Seriously, we loves open world and sandboxy RPG settings. Skyrim's success in spite of it's many terrible narratives and even, at times, nonsensical NPC interactions ("Here, take this and hold on to it.") is proof that many of us are dying to play the character we make up as we go along playing. Minecraft's success is proof that people will overlook graphics quality in the face of a great playing experience. So, Obsidian wants to kickstart an open world RPG for PC with a great story, a rich and detailed world that has "only" Unity quality graphics, holds on to text based dialogue windows and only has voice over for the 10 most important world characters? I'm IN! Where do I pledge? EDIT: Just pleaaase make mod-friendly part of the design goals. I was really looking forward to doing something for Skyrim right up until I read about the community content navmesh bug.
  16. Is there a trick to get it to show up? I'm talking the one with the green (k) ...
  17. Hey, everyone. I just wanted to share a really awesome piece of fan art that we received this morning from Chris Bischoff. It's inspired from the Twin Elms concepts that we released in our last update. If Chris' name sounds familiar it's because he has his own Kickstarter going for the game STASIS. If you haven't checked it out yet you should. What's not to like about a 2D, isometric, sci-fi, horror adventure game? It's in its last few days so lets help him push it over the edge and get it fully funded. Click for a larger image.
  18. I backed with $10. I expect you guys to do the same
  19. Eurogamer has just published an article-style interview with Chris Avellone based on a Q&A with him they had at Rezzed. A few quotable snippets on Aliens: Crucible, given many here still mourn the project's cancellation: Also deals with Dwarves, Project North Carolina, the future of the company, publishers' interest in old-school RPGs and all the usual Avellonian stuff.
  20. So, yeah, was looking for a generic Kickstarter thread, but only found a new thread was made per project. Hence me making also a seperate thread, hope it's okay. It's not even my game, but it does pique my interest. Game in question; So why does it interest me (and would probably do many obsidianites)? * RPG. Always good * Tactical combat. I personally prefer that over a button mashing of a Witcher II. Resembles Jagged Alliance or a hex-based turn-based Baldur's Gate. Several movies are on that site to show off how the combat works to see for yourself if it's something you like. * Stories, choice, consequence. Always good to have in a RPG. * Randomness makes each playthrough slightly different. More replayability in my RPG? Sign me up. * Several of the people of Off Topic Production (The Nameless Mod) work on it. Fortunately, this wont take 7 years. But it assures me that I most likely get quality. After all TNM was the one of 2 games I actually found good enough to make a fixmod for (the other being TSLRCM obviously). So yeah, I would suggest everyone to check it out and see if it's "their thing". It seems the goal hasn't been reached yet in the slightest, so every little bit helps. Hence this thread. In the hope to get a decent RPG again after being dissapointed so many times by the AAA developers these times.
  21. I was one of the origninal pledgers way back when but I really haven't paid attention since. Half because I don't want any spoilage, other half because I am lazy and I have other things going on in my life. What I want to know is has there been anything I have needed to do to make sure I get my copy of Project Eternity when it is released or has there been anything I have needed to particpate in to get everything I need to? Thanks!
  22. Hello. Remember this? Support the movie! http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/123478-Update-Chicks-Dark-Dungeons-Film-Seeks-Kickstarter-Cash
  23. Chris Avellone Got to tear into Arcanum today in the first of our Let’s Play videos – for all the supporters that were willing to pitch in to see the gameplay footage, . I wanted thank everyone that were willing to up their donation to make it happen, and I also wanted to thank RPG Codex for sending me a copy of Arcanum in the first place from GOG.com. Currently I’m playing it without any fan patches, I want to play the release version. Part of me wants to contrast and compare if I do a second modded version (probably doing a tech-focused run). If that ends up being problematic, I’ll add the mods and then do a rush playthrough to get back to the point I was at so you guys don’t have to sit through the second playthrough. Well, unless you want. Feel free to post suggestions for how you’d like me to play it on our forums or in YouTube's comments for the video – for right now, I’m just playing it as I would normally, which makes it a lot more relaxed. Hopefully, my in-game reactions and critiques should be enough if you’re interested on my RPG takes on any elements in the title. If you have any questions about how I felt about certain elements (aside from Virgil’s sass), feel free to drop me a tweet at @ChrisAvellone and I’ll do what I can! Many thanks to Adam Brennecke, our Executive Producer, Carter Thomas, our production intern, and Justin Bell and Austin Shannon, our audio duo, for getting me all set up and good to you, and to all of you backers for making this happen in the first place. This is a rare opportunity for me, and one that I certainly appreciate – thanks.
  24. In the spirit of Chris' crazy video, I think all of us making pledges should snap a photo giving a silly thumbs up for the project.
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