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Found 7 results

  1. Which ones are the best in your opinion? ...are you listening to something specific at the moment? Man...this song is eating me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TvSjLLOdiU
  2. I've been thinking some weather or not I'm addicted, and the back of my head always says,"No, you're not," lol. Which is party right, but party also false.... The thing with me is, when I get really into a video games, it takes me 100%. I neglect everything else until I finish it or until I get bored with it - sometimes the boredom kicks in fast, and other times, It drags on for a very, very long time.... It started before I even got to school I think. I played the first tomb raider game, along with some pokemon ones (first games I recall playing anyhow), and I even asked my mom to make me a braid everyday just so I can look like the character I'm playing (Lara), but also, I climbed on top of things like I'd do with her, walked and ran weirdly (like she did in the first game lol, and no, i didn't do it all the time XD) but it was all just play pretend, and my parents found it funny lol....also, I kinda may have finger banged ppl pretending I have 2 guns. XDDD Video games haven't really ruined my life like with many other examples, and if you asked me if I regret playing anything....well, no. I honestly don't. Because I was having a good time with em'. Though, it did get to a point where I didn't even want to go out much (and I'm still at that point at times lol), because I'd rather play vid games. And when I did /do go out, my mind often wanders into the fantasy or sci-fi setting, and the fictional characters I made. xD Also, when my rents' were divorcing, It was kinda like..I only got really upset once I noticed he's taking the PC with him. xDDD I really dislike the Sims series now, but when I was around 12, I loved the second game and played it so much I neglected my school work, and even skipped school or played sick at times. xDD Kinda sounds like i'm a psychopath lol. Not caring bout' that the divorce. But I think, it was just cuz' I was in my own world. Since forever. In early school, the teachers even wrote that down in my ..idk what you call it, that piece of paper you get by the end of the school year, that has your grades on as well as (in 1-3d grade) what kind of a personality you have? Ya. It always said 'Tanja is in her own world...' lol. Again though, since I do have my moments when I'm not addicted, I wouldn't say I am addicted. Just at times lol. Plus, I don't regret my decisions, which is great! ----) Anyhow, what about you? Has the thought that you may be an 'addict' ever crossed your mind...?
  3. Hello, fellow Obsidianites! I'd really like to know everyone's thoughts on how multiplayer functions are seemingly being implemented into every game nowadays. Now I will be frank, I'm not a fan of multiplayer in my games, which also doubles as irony because one of my favorite games at the moment is 'Overwatch.' However, what separates Overwatch for me from other games is multiplayer is ALL that Overwatch is in a gameplay and sometimes story sense. Blizzard spit-shined that game's gameplay until it was sparkling. There's no single player and all of the modes multiplayer based; when Blizzard launched their games they had 3 modes with a good n' solid core and have just kept adding to it ever since, making Overwatch shine on like a crazy diamond. So I guess what I trying to say, I'm tired of having video games divert and fraction their energy and resources regarding single player campaign mode and multiplayer. So far there doesn't seem to be a content, healthy middle. It's an 'either or' scenario, either single player is great and the multiplayer is crap: Spec Ops the Line dev called its multiplayer a cancerous growth Or the multiplayer is killer, but the single player campaign isn't even worth touching AKA see every Call of Duty game, Titan Fall (to a degree, the 2nd was ok), Destiny (sorry even with the DLC, I don't like the story). I stare longingly out the windowsill, wondering when my precious single player RPGs will come back from the war. I was delighted and cheered when Obsidian told journalists, there'd be no multiplayer in PoE, and it looks like it paid off. Although before the game was released, saying there's no multiplayer was and continues to be a controversial choice among fans aka potential customers I understand from a financial stand point that multiplayer games have more longevity and growth potential than a single-player game does, which means more money for publishers. So sometimes you get the sense that developers didn't want to add multiplayer and were "encouraged" to do so *cough* Bioware during and after ME3 *cough*. Or developers and publishers are totally cool with it and it still comes out mediocre *cough* Elder Scrolls Online *cough* Look, I understand that developers and publishers do what they gotta do to get some cash flow going so they can have enough to fund their other projects. But nowadays their other projects just seems to be more MMO lite. What do you guys think? Agree or do you think I'm missing something? TL;DR: Multiplayer games are okay as long as they're refined and honed like Overwatch (basically putting all their effort into one basket) or like Divinity Original Sin 2 contribute extensively to story and gameplay (and still have restraint like 4 players Co-Op.) But would like signature single-player series or campaigns to forgo multiplayer altogether.
  4. We all have read a book and thought "Man this would make a great video game!" And most video game developers would agree with you too! (*cough * almost every fantasy game is on Tolkien's jock *cough*) So here's the place to share it! For the rules of this thread list a book or book series: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc OR An author: Lovecraft, Tolkien, etc. Then describe what type of genre the game would be (point-n-click, RPG, FPS shooter)! and maybe give a little description or maybe a reason why it'd be a great video game. You can list multiple books/authors as well. Even if none of these get made at least we'd get some awesome book recommendations! Here's mine: I'd love an RPG set in the world of 'Speech Sounds' from Octavia Butler's book Blood Child. It's a universe where everyone's Broca's area of the brain has been damaged due to an airborne virus so everyone in the world cannot read or speak. The virus also irritates the amygdala of the brain as well so it also makes people aggressive. I'd love to see an action-adventure game based off The Odyssey, but only the journey not the setting of Ancient Greece. Kind of like The Warriors or Brother Where Art Thou. Or another RPG based off the universe of the Crystal Rain series! Crystal Rain is kinda of like 'Futuristic Caribbean Steampunk' with pirates of flying ships. Hey, it aint Shakespeare but it is very enjoyable. And then I'd love to have a video game based on anything by Gene Wolf or Harlen Ellison (yes I've played 'I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream')
  5. Who is ready to rumble? Anyone here going?
  6. http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/ One month to make a game under one hour in length. $10k prize. Anyone interested? I was thinking of using RPGMaker myself; not the most creative, I know, but the proof is in the game that comes out of it.
  7. This is really a general question about all Kickstarters, but it also applies very specifically to PoE. I see a lot of comments on not only PoE but DFA, etc., stating how criticism of the game is invalid because the person making the criticism is talking about features that would "invalidate" the feel and/or mission statement of the proposed game. For instance, lots of people wanted to be able to hold down the mouse to be able to move in Broken Age, as is modern convention in keyboard design, but others responded with "you're playing it wrong" or "but that's not how old games were made" or even - and this one I love - "go back to playing Call of Duty". Subsequently, lots of people have a problem with a lot of the Old Skool Design Elements that Josh Sawyer has decided to get rid of, almost as many as those that have a problem with them being taken away in favor of balance. Again, this has led to everything from name calling to personal attacks on the IQ levels of certain or all forum users. My question is this: how much of an obligation do developers who make these retrostarters have to their fans? Obviously, they have to make a game they themselves are proud of or what's the point really? But also, they do make statements that will be interpreted to mean they are making a game that is a 1:1 design of whatever it is that they are mimicing. As a secondary follow-up: are criticisms of these games invalid just based on the simple idea that they go against what the game "is trying to do"?
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