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  1. Yeah sorry the challenge is bugged and everyone is off for the holidays. I'm here in an unofficial capacity (Don't tell my boss!). That being said don't worry we will be granting everyone the holiday challenge card and some extra gold to boot! Happy Holidays!
  2. Yup this is the case. Once you deleted the save it unlocked the characters and as long as you did not try to rebuild their deck the game fixed their decks. If you did modify your deck after losing the cards, please continue to post here so I can get everyone fixed!
  3. Thanks for the receipts Donnie. I verified them and restored your content. I also gave you a little extra for the inconvenience. Happy Holidays! NOTE: You'll have to restart your app to see the changes
  4. I double checked and it looks like I gave you the correct content. I also gave you some bonus chests for having to wait and the lack of communication. Enjoy your holidays.
  5. So sorry no one got back to you. The office was a bit empty because of the holidays and a bit chaotic otherwise. So I decided to log in at home and try to make things right. I hopped into your account and gave you the bundle and a bonus. Can you please confirm that you received the content now? Thanks!
  6. The characters who completed deck 5 do not have it marked as such in their character sheet?
  7. We are still figuring this pricing stuff out, so keep the feedback coming, good or bad.
  8. Keep the feedback coming guys, we are watching and I'll put together something for the team. In case it is not obvious we are very new with mobile and transaction based games so please vote for with your wallets and you voices! Post here, email us or tweet us. The more feedback we get the better we can address these things. I would like to stay employed and I would LOVE to be able to continue to work on Pathfinder Adventures! So keep the feedback coming. I can't comment on what we got coming next, because Nathan and Ryan will kill me, but know they we do want to keep producing new content for RotR and beyond, it just has to make financial sense for us to do so. We love working on this game (we curse it sometimes, this game is complex as all get out) and we'd all like to continue to work on it and develop new content for it. I can tell you that much.
  9. I believe the way the pricing scheme works for this, is that is the price for the alt. We grant you the base character as a bonus. A lot of people actually buy the character piecemeal. That being said, yes please keep providing feedback. We are obviously very very new to developing a mobile game with transactions, we listen to and take all feedback into account.
  10. The challenge is bugged and the crew wont be in office to fix it. However we are granting everyone the holiday armor and some extra gold by way of apology. Sorry guys!
  11. This is a known issue which won't get fixed till the gang is in the office. But fear not we'll be handing out the ugly sweater and gold to everyone. So you won't miss it because of the borked challenge.
  12. This game... is trying to kill me.... Thanks for finding this though!
  13. Once the patch is approved through Google and Apple it is out of our hands. I know it populates the US servers first and then it can take some time to make the rounds.
  14. The challenge is bugged and the people who could fix it out out of the office for the Holidays. That being said everyone is going to get the shirt and some gold as way of apology. Sorry!
  15. Working through the list guys. Doing this one card at a time and manually, but I hope to have it done by tomorrow night. Just letting you know I'm still here and alive and kicking.
  16. Everyone will be getting the sweater and a gift for being so awesome to boot, so don't worry. Sorry this patch was so rough guys.
  17. Yeah we were not able to get this done and tested in time before submission cut to google and apple before they went on holiday. Sorry guys.
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