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  1. ​While the boxes on your characters may be unchecked they Should​ still have progress made in Heroic and Legendary, it is just not displayed (a different bug). If this is not the case please let me know.
  2. Ugh this card. I'm pretty sure one of our prgrammers quit and moved to Canada because of this card... ​Thanks for the report guys! ... again....
  3. ​This is a effect of that bug. Losing cards for those characters can corrupt the character data. We are working on a tool to restore content. I took a peek in your account I see all your story characters (11 or 12 I think) so they are there we just need to work on the tool to get them back to you. ​Please though can you copy and paste your original post in that thread I linked. I also want to make sure I compensate everyone who was affected by this bug and posting there makes sure I can do that! Thanks and Sorry!
  4. Sorry you ran into this issue. ​We'll take a look and see what happened and try to fix your missing hand size feat. Did you by chance purchase the character alt for Merisiel?
  5. Sorry it took us so long to get back to you! Emailing support or posting here is the way to go. We had a rocky patch and an influx of problem posts, the holidays compounded the issue. ​Let me know whats going on in your game. Screenshots would help a ton as well! ​
  6. Glad you found a work around, but thanks for the report we'll be looking into this! Can we get your PFID so we can take a look at your game and see what might have triggered this initially?
  7. Man oh Man fringe bugs. This game LOVES fringe bugs. ​Thanks for reporting this, we'll look into it!
  8. Which scenario were you playing when this happened? Adventures only have 5 scenarios. Thanks for reporting this!
  9. So sorry you ran into the "Morgiv" issue. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90701-lost-cards-from-morgiv-the-enshrouded-post-here/ ​Make a post there please and I'll get to you.
  10. @Bwyrm and DoranMartell ​You should be set. Don't forget to check your chests! @Jatrrkd That PFID you provided is not bringing anything up, can you double check it? ​@Everyone ​Sorry for the rocky patch and the delays. You guys rock!
  11. Sines314, Heading off to bed and I saw this so I had to pop in and give you a brief answer. You can change characters in between scenarios. At the map screen (where you select the next scenario) tap the manage party button. This will bring you to your party screen where you can add or remove characters to your party. Also at the scenario select screen you can tap manage decks though you can only really edit your decks during the first few scenarios. The deck creation process is done at the end of each scenario. Where you decide what new cards to keep and which to get rid of in favor of. You will eventually be able to select feats to allow large decks. Cards you find in chests are added to that specific adventure deck number and can show up from that adventure deck onward. The game is free to play. A lot of people have unlocked everything and haven't paid us a dime, so it is totally doable. It can't be too convenient because I'd like this game to be profitable enough so I keep playing. It definitely takes some work however. As far as value goes, that can be pretty subjective. If you were to buy everything in the physical game, that retails for $120 r so I believe. Finally Quest Mode is in a state of limbo currently as we tighten up the core game and figure out what are next steps are. We are a very small team (10 people and that includes our QA!) and doing Quest Mode and Story mode at the same time was more work than our team could handle. If other people don't hop in and explain more I'll check back after Christmas! Happy Holidays!
  12. Yeah, that's really weird. For the record: I can't see the spell I'm my vault either (I tried attaching a screenshot but that didn't seem to work). But with my faith sufficiently restored, I guess I can just wait until the team is back from enjoying their holidays to sort this out. Check your vault now.
  13. Shaeloth and chungie. It is a shot in the dark but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Or creating a new party and seeing if the issue persist with the new party?
  14. You are preaching to choir here. If we went and overhauled armor, Paizo might have some words with us.
  15. Armor just tends to be highly situational. If Valeros had a larger hand size, holding on to an armor to prevent a hand wipe could be beneficial. That being said Paizo also realized this to an extent. Especially in Wrath of the Righteous where if you don't have armor you are going to encounter a number of hand wipes.
  16. When you get a chance can you restart your game and check your chests? Happy Holidays!
  17. Ran into an issue with the tools trying to work through it. Some of you have been fixed, some of you not yet (a few of you the tool made worse I reached out to you via PM in that case). Everyone affected thus far has been granted chests. Please enjoy those in the meantime!
  18. If it was cheating we could remove ability to do so. And honestly most people don't even know they can do this. Furthermore since it is not a competitive game and it doesn't hugely break the game we decided to let you do it (but impose limits on specific cards). If someone does decided it feels like cheating they can always not do it, so it is a win win!
  19. Yeah I don't think this was fixed in time for us to submit for the new patch (it was right before the deadline cutoff for apple and google for submission) Enjoy it while it lasts then!
  20. Can you try deleting your parties (don't worry the character is saved) and then rebuilding a fresh party with those experienced characters. Also Happy Holidays to you too! :D
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