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  1. I'm unable to get a repro on this. Anyway you can provide some more information? What wildcards were active? Also shoot me your PFID and if you still have the save I can take a look!
  2. @Rackshaw did you email support@obsidian.net, has someone gotten back to you yet?
  3. Good catch on the first issue. ​I can't nail down a repro on the second issue however.
  4. @Titowait ​ If you go to settings in game and turn tips off the pop ups should be supressed. ​Can you call out which instances the tut pops are locking your game? This is the first I've seen this reported.
  5. Can I get your PFID please so I can take a look and see what is going on?
  6. Thanks for reporting this we'll look into this and see if we can figure out what is going on. ​Can you check the character sheets for the affected charcaters and check to see if they have credit for 5-3? ​Also can count how many power feats the affected characters have? They should have 6 power feats outside of their starting power feats once they complete 5-3. ​
  7. Thanks for reporting this, we'll take a look in the meantime Hannibal has a good solution. Delete the party and remake it with those same characters.
  8. If you remember which Barrier you encountered please let me know. ​In the meantime you can delete that party and start a new party with the characters from that party.
  9. Sorry you have encountered this issue. Can I get your PFID so I can look into this and figure out what is going on?
  10. That is very bizzare we are looking into this issue now. ​Can you please try unintsalling the game from your device and redownloading it and installing it again?
  11. @Haloa92 ​Thank you. Every bit counts. I know it is hard to remember who you did in this game 10 minutes ago much less hours or days ago!
  12. Returning you to the store menu after a chest fails to open is a failsafe. Means there was an issue communictaing with the server. Try to open it again in a bit.
  13. Was that always in your signature or did you just add it? ​Anyway restart your advice and check your daily gold you should be good to go! (check your chests as well)
  14. I'm pushing for logs which will make solving these timing issues much much easier but do you remember what you played and who played it on your first check?
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