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  1. OK. Just loaded the most recent update and still can't play story mode. When I start the game my first character attempts to draw a card from the location deck but that card disappears and I'm stuck, not able to draw a card. Anyone else still experiencing this?
  2. Yes, never happened to me until after the update and continues to happen. Game is unplayable on story mode because of this problem and unplayable on quest mode because of a different bug.
  3. Same with me. The problem you describe happens whenever I try to play in story mode. At the same time, in quest mode when I beat a game, it always tries to give my characters two card feats which messes up the character' level progression and ends with me being stuck on the level up screen. So yeah, basic this game is unplayable or me, never had so many problems with a game before.
  4. Thank you, I was able to get unstuck from the level up screen by deleting that file. However, in quest mode my characters are still getting extra feat powers. If I play in quest mode, my characters will eventually get stuck with to many cards powers chosen. Correct?
  5. I m having this same problem with my level 40 characters in quest mode. Keeps giving me multiple card feats after a victory. Now my card feats are all filled up, I can't choose anymore, and I am stuck and can't leave the level up screen and his cannot use quest mode. Second time a bug has locked me up in quest mode recently.
  6. When you buy adventure lacks, will those cards be available to your characters in quest mode or only when you get to those adventures in story mode? If they are not available in quest mode, what cards are, just the basics?
  7. Yes it is very likely connected the problem of not being able to power up two/several characters at the same time. It lets me level up some but not all so I can't push the arrow to move forward. I don't get on these forums much. Do we expect the game administrators to address such problems promptly?
  8. I am having the sMe problem in quest mode, in gets stuck and I can't level up all the heroes powers and move on. Which also means that I can't use quest mode, because it always brings me back to the level up screen when I start over. How can I get past this/when will this be fixed?
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