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  1. Hello, playing story mode. The harpy monk card once encountered persists on screen even after multiple forfeits and vault trips. It obscures whatever card I'm supposed to encounter. This happens on both my iPad Air and my iPhone 6+.
  2. Some throw-away ideas: 1) -----, the god of silence. Lots of things you could do with his followers - reclusive monkish types with vows of silence, or half-mad aesthetes who deafen themselves to get closer to their deity, or musicians or artisans who obsess over how to create ever greater cacophonies so they can better appreciate the silence that happens when the noise stops (cue zen-ish proverbs about silence being impossible without noise). 2) Faspaux, the god of awkward moments. Courtesans, diplomats, and others who make their living in the halls of power set out small burnt offering
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