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  1. Ripe can you try deleting your saved parties and creating a new party with your experienced characters?
  2. Server issue. Fixed. ​Just restart the app and you'll see the card.
  3. Sending this off to get eyes on your issue. Sorry you ran into this.
  4. Thanks for reporting this, we'll take a look into the issue and see if we can figure out what is going on. ​Can you provide a bit more information? What device were you playing on? What iOS? Were you playing online or offline? Also are you playing on multiple devices (same account?) Thanks!
  5. Make sure you drag your first character to the slot furthest to the left. Then keep slotting additional characters in the next available slot to the right of the previous character. ​The two glowly slots are to let you know the recommeneded party size for balance.
  6. We have a fix for this, it is currently in testing and will be out for the next patch.
  7. Thanks for reporting this. Can you check to ensure that all the other characters have completion for all the scenarios in deck 3 (The Hook Mountain Massacre). You can see this on the character's Completion tab on their character sheets.
  8. This is a know issue and currently being investigated. Thanks for reporting it!
  9. Thanks for pointing this out, we'll take a look and see what is going on.
  10. Thanks for reporting this issue. ​If you could snag your friends PFID and post it here, that would be great. ​As Amentep also suggested can you find out if they are online or offline? Are they consistently losing connnection? What device and iOS they are playing on? Thanks!
  11. ​Can I get your PFID and a list of which characters are missing which cards? Also please make sure those characters missing cards are not already in a party. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for reporting this we'll look into this. In the meantime can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the game again?
  13. Hmm that is weird, thanks for pointing this out. Was the wand the only card you lost? Can you please provide your PFID?
  14. Thanks for pointing this out! This has been fixed internally and will be going out in the next patch.
  15. Thanks for the additional information about this bug. ​Petrhaps we are just getting ready for Balazar? (KIDDING WE ARE NOT!)
  16. Thanks for the work around. In the meantime we'll look into getting the displayed progress fixed!
  17. Thanks for pointing this out we'll look into it. ​Do you own the character alt for Sajan? If so have you ever switched to the alt? ​Do you own any other character alts that you have used?
  18. This came up months ago so we had our programmer run simulations for a while. Long story short they are about as fair as fair can be. In my experiences I have horrible luck in the app, but I have horrible luck outside the app as well (People delight in playing dice based games against me).
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