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  1. Thanks so much! This is completely resolved y'all are the bomb!
  2. So, a new wrinkle/clue to my problem: I go check my Nexus tablet (which I have not turned on in a while), and my purchases are there, and I have a different pfid, and number next to my username. I go to get pen and paper to write down the different (yet presumably correct) info, and the tablet has updated the "Google play services" app. I restart Pathfinder, login to Google play using the exact same Google account, and now my purchases on my tablet are also missing, and the pfid and username # matches that on my phone. So I'm thinking it's a wonky interaction with Google play. It's t
  3. Does anyone have a guesstimate on the turnaround time for support@obsidian.net? I sent an email, and kinda expected at least an automated email back. I hate to sound impatient, but I do want to play the new chapters, (that I already paid for)
  4. support@obsidian.net You'll be helped by pretty much the same devs that cruise the forums. Email is just an alternate way to contact them. Many thanks!
  5. Dumb question: Isn't this how I contact obsidian support? As this forum is where the "Support" button under settings to me.
  6. I'm 99% sure that's it's the same Google play account, as I only use for all my games. And this play account shows the achievements for finishing the various chapters.
  7. I purchased the RotRL bundle when the game first came out. Played for a while then picked it back up after a few more chapters were released, and stepped away again. Over the holiday I thought I'd pick it back up again, for the festivities, but all my purchases and progress are gone! All the content from the RotRL bundle, (characters, adventures,etc) all the cards, and dice I had unlocked, and my progress through the game are gone! I don't think it's the 'Morgiv' bug, as I hadn't adventured that far into the story. Any suggestions or remedies would be great, as A) I'd like to
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