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  1. Hey! Played 3-5 and got adventure and scenario rewards. I unlocked role cards. I still do not get gold. Do we get the gold only the first time we play a new scenario or each time we play it?
  2. Ok, here are more infos on my situation. First, I unlocked adventures 1 to 6 and completed almost every scenario with Kyra, Merisiel and Ezra trio. Before I post on this forum today, I was at 6-1 with this trio. Since, I played with this trio and completed 6-2. I got all rewards and gold. Everything is normal so far. On the same saved game, I change the characters to Lini, Seelah, Sajan and Amiri foursome. What I did with this foursome is playing only scenarios that would give "good rewards" like card, power and skill feats. Since I didn't complete every scenario of Adventure 3, I didn't get a role card and miss one power feat for this foursome. So I should have 5 power feats per character but I only got 4 because I didn't expand to new powers by not getting the role card yet. So, this is a problem because I don't have any more power to choose from at this moment. Still, I'm on my way to complete adventure 3. I played and win on scenario 3-3. The reward on normal difficulty is suppose to be 100 gold and every ally cards I saved from the sea Monster. I didn't get neither. I will play scenario 3-5 to complete adventure 3 and let you know what happens. By the way, I updated to Regards, ArchDelux
  3. Hi! Last update fixed the story mode and quest mode but now only in story mode I don't get any reward after completing a scenario not completten earlier by a character. Ex : I completed 5-3 Halls of seduction with Lini, Seelah, Sajan and Amiri for the first time with those characters and I didn't get the power feat. Thanks for helping! ArchDelux PFID:159ECA13EE230033
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