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  1. Ok I'm trying to link my mobile account to my Steam one where I already have Pathfinder Adventures. I carefully copy my PFID from the mobile but every time I get the message: We could not find an account for that ID. Please verify your PlayFab ID and try again. Anyone have an idea of the problem or a work around? Do I need to contact support?
  2. Yes. Statistically, favors aren't too hard to come by. However, Unities had thoroughly awful odds (see the little note at the bottom of the recent changelog). If you're about to blast through some chests, you may want to wait a week or so until there's some community confirmation that drop tables have been realigned. Don't worry, we'll look out for you! In maybe 150 chests I have had 1 favour of Iomedae so definitely not aiming to get them that way. As a contrast about 8 Armour of Legions that I really don't use.
  3. The easiest way to get a lot of a particular blessing is to run multiple parties and trade between them. Feels like cheating, but the game doesn't seem to mind. The "super" blessings like the Favors or Doctrines count the same as regular blessings. The game should allow you to recharge all blessings with the "Iomedae" trait written in the middle of the card. Much appreciated! Never even thought of that. I presume I just swap in a character before I start an adventure with blessings I've gathered (I'm working through ad4 atm) then back out for the correct character. It does feel like cheating but seems odd to have an ability you can't take much advantage of.
  4. Odd question but what was in the offer "Rolling All The Way" as it disappeared once I bought it so hard to check if I received everything.
  5. Is there any way to get more than the four Blessings of Iomedae from the base set to use with Seelah's Inheritors favour? Does Favor of Iomedae also work with the power?
  6. Confirmed - it definitely works for me on Android. Possibly a problem with multiple devices using the same account or do you have separate accounts?
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