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  1. I'm surprised no-one else seems to be hitting the bug. Maybe they're clever enough to not let such edge case situations arise during play )
  2. 5.1 scenario Beneath Sandpoint There's only 1 location open. It's got the boss (The Scribbler) in. Amiri explores the boss and the boss summons the Roc. The Roc's power is you are teleported to a random location with the Roc. But since there's only one location, and Amiri had armor, she lost to the Roc on purpose -> then the game hangs.
  3. Legendary difficulty, scenario 2.6, At the end of the scenario, I receive gold, then a (!) appears above Seelah's head. Tapping this causes the (!) to vanish, then the game halts, without offering cards, and won't advance. The blue > arrow is displayed to the right, tapping that makes it throb, but it doesn't advance. The menu cogs work. Pressing that shows the UN-updated gold, returning to game does not unfreeze it. I've tried closing and re-opening the game, but it just repeats. This isn't the first time I've played this scenario or received the card reward, if that's relevant. EDIT: FIXED IT BY DELETING THE PARTY, WHICH ALSO LOST MY PROGRESS.
  4. Today I found that Father Zantus (ally) and Mokmurian's Club (weapon) healing wasn't working.
  5. Just came here to report this and you beat me to it. So confirming that I have encountered this bug. Goblin Pyro and Enchantress are confirmed not working. However, has Iesha Foxglove in 2.3 ever worked?
  6. I had this today and I was swiping very fast, perhaps before the dice had been setup? Maybe it's the same as the way you can sometimes use Seelah's "discard a card from your deck to gain +1d6" and swipe before the dice is ready, so it isn't counted.
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