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  1. Well, I think North America makes more sense given that it's also near the Vailian Republics, which are an equivalent of Latin America.
  2. I don't think the game does follow up on her fate. I think it can be assumed that she gives birth only after you sort out the Hollowing (even if it might not make sense timeline-wise).
  3. My interpretation was that because of his sacrifice the Engwithans did fall, but they at least did not vanish without a trace.
  4. If you do the conversation in the inn with Emery right, she will join your side during the scripted interaction.
  5. Not really, but I'm sure they were designed to be possible to do in any order.
  6. Modern British English is not really any more similar to Medieval English than modern American English, though. Some older features were better preserved in American English, actually (and some others in British, they're just different modern branches that diverged from the same source). And if it was actual Medieval English, it wouldn't be understandable to the majority of players, as the pronunciation was vastly different.
  7. Well, I know a Romanian girl who learned to speak perfect idiomatic Polish with no accent in just a couple of years of living in Poland. Romanian and Polish are nothing alike (Romanian being closely related to Italian, French etc.), and Polish is one of the most difficult languages to learn, let alone to master. Do we know how long Sagani has been traveling through Dyrwood and its surrounding lands?
  8. I haven't gotten any disputes to settle. Do you get notifications about these in the Stronghold screen?
  9. As for American accents, remember that Dyrwood is an overseas colony of the Aedyran Empire. It would make sense for Dyrwoodans to have American accents and Aedyrans to have British ones.
  10. Hell, I've met quite a few Americans myself who mistook me for a native speaker of English too. Also, it's not a question of bad voice acting as such. If the devs wanted her to have a foreign accent, they would have specified it in the script, like they probably did for Pallegina. There was nothing jarring about her voice for me, and I've known lots of foreigners who spoke English (or Polish, for that matter) with and without a foreign accent.
  11. I always found Minsc quite annoying. Or she's good enough with languages that she speaks with no foreign accent when talking in Aedyran? I know quite a few people like that personally, you wouldn't guess that they are not speaking their native language.
  12. I don't see how British accents are any more appropriate than American ones in a *fantasy* settings. Also, remember that Dyrwood is an overseas Aedyran colony, it would make sense for Dyrwoodans to have American accents and people from the Aedyr Empire to have British ones, for example.
  13. I liked Sagani's voice personally. It matched her personality. Not everything has to be over the top, like in BG. As said before, PoE is a less over the top setting than FR in general.
  14. I also think it's pretty impressive that Eder and Aloth are voiced by the same actor but I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't now.
  15. When it comes to personal connections to the game's main storyline (the Saint's War and Waidwen's Legacy), I'd say Eder, Durance, Aloth and the Grieving Mother are the most important ones.
  16. I'm not sure how long it took me to go through the expansions in terms of hours, but they definitely gave me a lot of playtime, much more than the usual DLC these days. Especially when you complete all the side quests and tasks, and not just the main story. Yes, you're right. Still, I generally freely exchange the companions from time to time, even if I do have my favorites.
  17. Best to experience all companions, if only just to finish their personal quests and then travel with someone else.
  18. I'm perfectly fine with the voice acting here. Don't tell me Durance lacks character!
  19. In other games these abilities tend to be based on their culture, not race as such in general. Which is separate in PoE.
  20. Having human races with different abilities would open a can of worms...
  21. Well, i found out very recently (and was quite surprised by that) that unlike we, french people, many not native english speakers or foreign people feel that US accent is the "correct one". i mean it in the way that they are bred with it, used to it, while we are bred with the english one all the way long, and barely ever listen to an american guy speaking. They feel that english accent is weird, while i feel the american one is weird. That may be why this "American" thing struck me more than many other people around here. And why i feel that many voice acts defeat their purpose in a setting that is not american (especially companions in a fantasy game). I just can't help but be like "wow!! what is this? american?". Not quite the good reaction when you hear a dwaf from southern frozen countries telling you her story . Modern British English is no more "correct" or "medieval" than modern American English. American English retains some older features that were changed in British English and vice versa, actually. They are both equally valid branches (with many sub-branches of their own), and neither is more "correct" in a fantasy story (which is, after all, a fictional world).
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