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  1. So its revealed by Ondra in white march 2 that she is kind of the secret police of the gods, hiding away any secrets they dont want being revealed. We also learn that she was responsible for the destruction of the Engwithians by pulling down the moon to destroy them, though she won't really tell you why she did that other than some vague reasons about the gods getting too cozy with the Engwithians. If you really question her further she will mention that she wanted to take out Deadfire and the Eastern Reaches specifically. In some of the books in the game they talk about how if you sail east past the eastern reaches your ship will be invariably destroyed by giant sea monsters, the same sea monsters that are under the control of Ondra. It seems also certain to me that there is something super secret in the East that she is attempting to keep hidden from civilization. What do you guys think this is? My guess is that the home of the gods lies in the east. It would make sense that the Engwithians would make their home close to their gods and also aligns with her comments about them getting too close with the gods. I also found it interesting that it seems like Ondra does not just want to take people's memories from them for their sake, but that maybe she actually feeds on those memories. The event with Maneha in the salt pool and the ritual of slowly bleeding away the memories of the low tide make me think she doesnt just take your memory but some portion of the soul that is bound to those memories. How do you think golem Abydon came to be? We know Ondra "killed" him when she destroyed his physical form, but somehow he was able to come back as a golem? Did the other gods craft the golem for him so he could come back, did mortals make it for him, or did his soul somehow craft it? Its also strange that he doesn't question how he died, its clear Ondra took his memories of his former life away but you would think he would at the very least question the other gods what happened to him.
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