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  1. There is also a mostly-cheating way to beat Handmaiden easily. If you go to your inventory on the Ebon Hawk you can also cycle through the inventories of your companions. (by pressing the black button if you're playing X-Box). So right after the fight starts you go to Handmaiden's inventory, switch out the sword she's using, and replace it with a mining laser. Naturally she can't hit squat with it, and it does virtually no damage even if she does, so you wail on her with your sword and that's that. Again, it's pretty much cheating, but if you're desperate you can do this.
  2. Killing just one sucks. Then all you get when you confront them is "we know what you did to Vrook. Die!". Whereas if you keep them all alive you get interesting dialogue on the nature of your condition and your interaction with the force.
  3. Yeah, from remarks in SW movies/games it seems like the double-bladed saber is more "aggressive" and has more killing power, which causes it to be more associated with Sith (though not exclusively). The single-bladed saber is more defensive and precise (hence the defense and attack bonuses), but they should give dueling more of an advantage to reflect this. (they should give you a couple abilities, like at least letting you absorb force lightning - and maybe other aggressive force powers).
  4. Are you suggesting that perhaps Kreia is not the most honest and forthcoming person in the world??? Man, if you can't trust the Master of Betrayal, who can you trust?
  5. "That's no remote, that's a battle station"
  6. And remember: once you contract force herbes, forever will they dominate your destiny. Consume you they will.
  7. Avoid it. Force lust leads to force sex. Force sex leads to force herbes. And force herpes leads to ... suffering.
  8. Atris is trying to make up for her past fears, for being too afraid to join the Exile; she wants to atone for that by single-handedly defeating the new Sith threat. That's what leads her to study the Sith Holocrons (to understand the enemy), and what leads her to leak the info about Katarr; she figures they'll show up, she and the other Jedi will defeat the Sith, and she'll be the action hero she's always secretly wanted to be. Of course, it doesn't really work out that way for her, and she doesn't realize that her fear and actions are driving her down the dark path...
  9. Are you insulting the remote??? Sigh... he/it's so dreamy...
  10. There are limits to Nihilus' ability to detect Jedi. Note that he wiped out Katarr because the Jedi council gathered there, basically creating a "force beacon". Vrook mentions that wherever Jedi gathered, they died (leading to the decision to scatter). So if there's just one Jedi or two, even if they are powerful, that doesn't allow Nihilus to detect them (at least, not easily). So the Exile wasn't really the last Jedi, just the last one that the Sith (Nihilus & Sion) know about. Hence, it's not problematic that Bastila is around.
  11. I think it would've been a nice random touch to run into Griff by himself, maybe at that same spot. He could try to cheat you, no doubt do a very poor job, and then you'd have the DS option of killing him on the spot (or LS, help him out). Just a thought.
  12. It is like Palpatine. Using the dark side, you're channelling your body & spirit to gain more power, and it gradually corrodes your body. Bastila can be explained by the fact that she hadn't been on the dark side for very long (at least at the end of KOTOR). Who knows, maybe 5 years later she would look like Kreia. ' I do have to say that men get it a lot worse than women in KOTOR (at least KOTOR 2). My Sith Lord by the end was so grey and scarred that I had to look away whenever they showed him on screen. By contrast, Handmaiden just looked "goth".
  13. Well, it sort of seems like you can save Atris at the end if you're LS. You have several options of "what to do with Atris?" and one of them is "Atris, you can turn from the dark path", and then she basically agrees to go into exile like you did, and then tells you to save Telos. So it seems like she's returned at least to neutral-ness. Also I'm not sure Atris ever really FULLY fell to the DS. She delved into Sith teachings in order to fight the Sith, and so obsessed with fighting the Sith that she fell without ever realized it. But the fact that she was always focused on fighting the Sith means that she never really seemed to reach the "BWAHAHAHAHA! Power for its own sake!" stage of full DS-ness
  14. I don't remember if I got this from the game or made it up, but I seem to remember most of Sion's injuries (at least the "breaking every bone in his body" part) coming from crash-landing on Malachor V.
  15. Studies have shown that the Dark Side is bad for smooth, shiny skin.
  16. If you mean a scene where they fight to the death, that was cut from the endgame. However, if you have significantly more influence with Visas than Handmaiden, they argue and Handmaiden doesn't talk to you anymore. Is this what you mean? If so, it's not a big deal.
  17. Yeah, I would recommend having Kreia in your party when you enter the enclave upper level. If you are already doing that, try not having her in your party. Having the right/wrong party members in my group caused a couple repeat crashes for me in my game.
  18. It's 15. With modifiers, though, not just the base, so you can use force valor (and items like the Ossus Robe) to get your INT up high enough to access it.
  19. It is important to recognize that you're never supposed to have all the answers; after all, no character in the game ever does. One of the things I really like about KOTOR 2 is that it raises a lot of interesting questions: is Kreia evil, or neutral? Was Revan ever really evil, or just ruthless? What's the proper role of the Jedi and the Force? What were Revan & Kreia's ultimate plans? KOTOR 2 gives you enough to defend the Jedi Council's actions throughout KOTOR 1 & 2, or Revan's in 1 & 2.
  20. Yep, getting killing an entire planet, numerous Miraluka and about a dozen Jedi on Katarr was pure LS Even IF she only provided it to the Sith and not killed them themselves. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> She didn't intend to get Katarr wiped out. She leaked the info about Katarr in order to draw the Sith out; the problem was only that she underestimated the SIth, which isn't too surprising given that no one (I gather) knew about Nihilus' abilities at the time.
  21. Actually I found the final fight easier as a consular/sith lord than as a sentinel/weapon master. As a Sith Lord I could just force wave the sabers away, then force crush them individually until they died. As a weaponmaster I had to constantly recharge my verpine shield & use life packs, and then I just won by charging for Kreia and flurrying her with juyo.
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