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  1. They should make a life-sized Bastila doll too
  2. I like using the Xbox to play games. My lousy computer can't play most games, and the Xbox has better graphics. And is faster. (than my computer)
  3. Why is she so uh... not hot in that picture...
  4. Hope you find it, it'd definitely be a shame if you'd lost something like that...
  5. Be more specific. What's the problem? Maybe, you don't know which file to download, because there are so many? The Gimp v2.2 Or maybe, you can't open the file? Use WinRar If those aren't your problems, tell us what it is, and someone will be able to help
  6. Um... Smallville Mythbusters The Tonight Show (Laughter helps me to sleep better at night ) CSI Project Runway Beyblade Digimon (I really liked these two 3 - 4 years ago) They show very little of these kind of shows here (except for cable), and my dad won't let me suscribe to AXN and Star World, so I don't watch much TV.
  7. People here just love loads of text on their sigs don't they? Lots of text on a sig just equals to an eyesore...
  8. I know this isn't on topic, but what happened to the 'Edit' function? I can't edit my posts anymore? Edit: Okay, why do I see it for this post and not the previous one? There's a time limit for editing posts?
  9. Compaq Evo N800v Laptop Moblie Intel Pentium 4 - M, 1.80GHz 256MB RAM ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 Toshiba 40GB Hard Drive Maxtor 250GB External Hard Drive I wish I had a better computer, it's really slow and can't play alot of the new games.
  10. Obi-Wan looks really old in that picture. Edit: Well, I saw so many people posting their sigs here and I just couldn't stand it. I had to show off too :D
  11. Reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera or whatever it's name is. I have no clue why.
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