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  1. I think you also need a minimum intelligence (or possibly awareness) score. You ask her if she's a sith or jedi, she responds, then (if you have the requisite intelligence) you can ask a follow-up question that gives you the cutscene. My friend was telling me about this, but I couldn't get it. But then towards the end I got the nice red robe (that gives you something like +4 INT) and then I could ask the follow-up question.
  2. Yeah, he's actually really handy in combat. The shock arm is great and, IIRC, you get it pretty much right at the beginning, and it automatically hits and does good amounts of damage, so he's pretty good in combat. Probably not Jedi-good, but before you jedi-ize your party I'd use him frequently.
  3. So if you sacrifice her, does it kill Nihilus right away? (end the battle?) It's true that Nihilus is such a sissy that it seems like a waste to sacrifice Visas, but it's cool that they put in that option, if so.
  4. Huh. I didn't know that. Do you get anything from sacrificing her?
  5. I had a tough time beating her. Basically you have to keep trying; I'd say at least get a high "critical strike" feat and then keep using that over and over again; that's one way to have a shot to deal enough damage quickly enough, plus you'll occasionally get lucky and stun her. BUT if that doesn't work, there are also a number of ways to (essentially) cheat. One, you can activate a melee shield (and use stimulants) before talking to her and starting the combat. Secondly, after the combat starts you can go to the equip screen, and hit the black button until you get to handmaiden's equip screen. Then give her a ****ty blaster. She'll start using it in the combat, and naturally won't be able to do squat against you with it. So that's not really fair, but it works, if you can't beat her legitimately.
  6. I disagree it seems to me it is impossible to get all of your companions to change if you are DS you at least cannot be a DS master to do it. It seems that the only person who you can reverse influence is Atton. Everyone else you need to make LS choices in order to get them to gain influence with you. Once you do that there are not enough oppurtunitty's in the game to get DS points to become a DS master and still have all of the companions be Jedi. I have tried it 3 time now and it seems impossible. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I always convert them all into Jedi and I normally play DS. You can also convert them into Jedi if loose a lot of influence on them. If I want to chose LS options, to gain influence on them, then I do Nar Shadda as my second planet: there are plenty of places to gain influence on LS party members there and it leaves you a lot of time to regain DS mastery later on. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> exactly. What's a handful of LS points for influence, when corrupting them into dark jedi allows you to show your true DS colors? Sure, you gotta be nice at times, but when they fall, they do so completely. Getting Bao-Dur and Atton as dark jedi was very satsifying (especially hearing Atton's story), and pulling Disciple down too was great. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, it was nice getting Bao-Dur and Handmaiden to be dark jedi, but I *really* would've appreciated it if they acted the part. But no...handmaiden's all upset when I help that "monster" mercenary on Dantooine, and Bao-Dur yells at mandalore about killing innocents. Guys? Checked your alignment scales recently? Maybe I need to give you a remedial Sith course.
  7. Did anyone here say Revan was DS in Kotor 1? If so, does that change your meeting with Bastila at the end? If Revan was DS, then Bastila would be too, so you wouldn't expect her to be hanging out with Carth & the Republic, nor to seem nice and lightside-y. Just curious.
  8. I'd like to see the Influence system upgraded so that it actually changes how people act (though that would require writing a good deal of additional dialogue). I got annoyed after I dragged handmaiden down all the way down the alignment scale to "dark mastery", turned her into a Dark Jedi Guardian, and then even after that she would still complain about me being dark, evil, and cruel. I said I would help the evil side on Dantooine, and she said "are you actually going to help that monster?", and I thought to myself "Have you checked your alignment recently?" So if possible it'd be nice if LS characters would start talking evil, and DS characters start talking good, when they changed. As it stands the influence system seemed like window dressing to me.
  9. Fixed it. I tried going into the area with no one else in my party, & it worked. I guess the problem was that when you enter, it takes you to an area where people in your party are gathered. Had some of those people in my party, & I guess the game got all confused and crashed. Still an annoying & stupid bug, but at least I can finish my game.
  10. The problem is that when I go to a specific area (minor spoiler as to the location, below) in the Onderon areas, the game crashes. Specifically, it loads the next area, the "loading" bar fills all the way up, then it stops. This is really annoying, as it renders me unable to advance in the game. You can side with either of two sides before going to the area, and I've tried siding with each before going to see if that would change anything, but it doesn't. Any help is appeciated. *spoiler* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I'm entering the Mandalorian camp on Dxun, after returning from Onderon itself, after the jedi meeting in the Cantina.
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