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  1. Ah, good old nerd debates.... The real question is: would a star destroyer win or the Enterprise?
  2. Oh, I should also say that I had Mira kill Hanharr, when I (and so Mira) was a LS'er. It seemed the LS thing to do to me, given that letting him live would be torture to Hanharr, and that Hanharr would only inflict pain and suffering on others, so everyone would be better off with him dead.
  3. Nope. The closest thing to actual romance (rather than just sexual tension) is the "force sex" with Visas. Female Jedis don't get squat other than fights between Atton & Disciple.
  4. If you are LS, you DEFINITELY don't kill Atris. For one, there's the whole "don't kill prisoners" thing (though, since you're starting a new order, you could disregard this). You should at the worst imprison her pending judgment, which I believe is one of the options. Plus she doesn't seem totally DS. What drove her to study the Sith holocrons & slide to the dark side was an intense desire to fight the Sith by any means necessary, and she still clings to the illusion of being a full Jedi master. So it seems entirely possible to save her, which being a Jedi you should. The rest of 'em, eh. I can totally see killing Vaklu, or at least letting Queen Talia decide to kill Vaklu. She says he's a threat still if he is imprisoned, and she certainly knowns Onderonian politics. Plus Vaklu did commit treason. The other two, screw 'em. Don't they both get killed anyways, no matter what you say? I know that's true about the Exchange guy.
  5. Also, it should be noted that you don't actually have to raise either skill. I talked to Kreia, she gave me the test, then I immediately talked to her again and said I did it, and completed it. (though, since it's bugged, no actual bonus points were gained). I guess she's teaching you how to lie too...
  6. Now THAT'S the truth. For their honeymoon they'd probably book a nice hotel room at the beach and see if they can get everyone else in the hotel to kill each other.
  7. Nah, I recall from the cut dialogue thread that cut Malachor V dialogue had Atris confronting you at the end in place of Kreia. Plus if you edit the game factor that changes the "Sith Lord" that you see at the title screen (usually Sion-Nihilus-Kreia), you can see Atris standing there, except in black robes. It's among the mish-mash that Obsidian left in from its originally planned ending.
  8. I was just wondering. I understand that, in the originally envisioned ending, you could wind up facing Kreia or Atris at Malachor V, depending on what choices you made during the game. So my question is: what would Kreia's role in the end-game be? Would she not be Sith? Would she have been killed? She wanders off? I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to thiis.
  9. I think it's bugged. I sided with Kreia, and had to repeat it once. I think that sometimes the game doesn't "move forward" correctly if you side with Kreia, and you have to repeat it until it registers correctly or you make a different choice.
  10. If the problem is getting INFLUENCE: FAILURE along the dialogue chain, then you just need to get more influence with her, via the normal means.
  11. Ask her if you can show her about the force. If you get [success] and she says "yeah, you can show me sometime, just don't be a tourist" or whatever she says, then you go to the bright red door (which leads to the entertainment sector, I think), then a dialogue will start where you turn her.
  12. Here's my best guess as to the timeline of the wars: 1) Mandalorians invade outer rim republic worlds. 2) Debates begin among the Jedi how to respond. Revan tries to marshall the Jedi to war, fails, then strikes out on his own with whomever will follow him. 3) By the time that Revan gets organized and joins the war in force, the Mandalorians have already scored many significant victories, capturing resources & destroying lots of republic forces. 4) Revan joins the fight, and gradually turns the tide and begins pushing the Mandalorians back. The Mandalorians still have advantages in terms of troop numbers & quality, but Revan's superior strategies tips the balance in favor of the Republic. 5) Decisive battle at Malachor V (may be only one of a few decisive battles). Mandalorians mass their troops (given that they still have advantages in superior forces) and so doing try to use that advantage to overcome Revan's superior strategy. Revan counters this by using the mass-shadow generator, thus in one stroke wiping out the bulk of the Mandalorian forces. Given that the mass-shadow generator is the key weapon, Revan only needs to send a large enough fleet to draw the Mandalorian fleet into battle, but doesn't need to send a fleet that could actually win. This fleet had to be sacrificed for the plan to work. TSL implies that Revan picked part of the fleet with dubious loyalty to him to sacrifice. Though he may not have been full DS at this time, just Kreia-style ruthless neutral jedi. So the Republic forces were key to the war (part #4, and as a lure in part #5), but without Revan the Republic would have lost.
  13. As said above, for one Luke is unusually strong in the force, so he can do more with less training. But more importantly, Luke doesn't pull any crazy force stunts, especially during ESB. In Empire, he gets his ass beat by Vader, and only escapes through fortunate circumstance (falling away from where Vader can get him, and being timely rescued by his friends). Moreover, Vader wasn't trying to kill him, but rather was trying to get him to come to the dark side (though admittedly Vader wouldn't have been too upset if he had killed Luke, but that's still not his main effort). Even in Jedi, he doesn't do too much remarkable force stuff. Mainly just lightsaber stuff and moving stuff with the force, which is fairly basic stuff. And the Emperor has his way with Luke; only Vader's intervention saved him. So none of this stuff seems beyond the training that Luke had, especially given his aptitude (and given that he learned from the best Jedi masters).
  14. You can convince Tobin to help you blow up the Ravager.
  15. Whoa, dude, you just, like, blew my mind. Did you ever just look at your fingers? Like, I mean, just LOOK at them? Dude.
  16. Well, Nihilus is as easy to kill as Dead-eye Duncan, so that's some support for the theory...
  17. This is key: SAVE THE GAME before you ask about force sight. (before you ask: how is it that you're able to see with the force?). The game ONLY lets you ask once, and if you get [influence:failure] then you can never ask about it again, and you cannot get force sight. Kind of annoying, but there it is. Also, you can, if you have Visas in your party, just select her and go to first person view, and you'll be looking through "force sight" mode
  18. You *will* make dark side wallpapers. I have foreseen it.
  19. You can definitely beat the game as a consular, no problem. Nothing like Malak, and the game's really easy anyways. Especially if your DS. Then you get force crush at the end, and as a consular especially (but even as anything else) you can kill everything just with that power.
  20. Kavar has a point, though; the game makes it hard to be subtly evil. To be full DS to have to be a total **** to your party members, even when that's incredibly stupid. Things like: Atton/T3: I upgraded the engines on the Ebon Hawk You: Thanks a lot, jackass! Often if you respond with something like "Hey, thanks, I really appreciate it." You'd think they could at least include a "[lie] I really appreciate it" option. After all, even if you're evil you need allies and dupes. Kavar's right that Palpatine would have a tough time maintaining Dark Mastery under KOTOR 2 standards. Not a huge deal for me, but still.
  21. I think a neutral jedi dropped him on his head when he was a child.
  22. So Disciple is now a level 10ish consular, near full LS (I'm at LS-mastery) but with a healty number of DS powers (seems a waste of Force Focus to not take force lighting, drain life & insanity). So it occurs to me that sending him to lead the mission on Dxun to Freedon Nadd's tomb could be beneficial, in terms of a couple free DS powers and lowering his alignment, lowering the cost of DS powers (plus the neutral powers). But I'm curious: what is the extent of the DS hit if you do all the DS things on Dxun? If he's near full LS now, what would he be afterwards? Slightly LS? Neutral? Slightly DS? Just wondering...
  23. I loved the story and dialogue. I never thought about replaying KOTOR, but I'm on my 2nd run through of KOTOR 2. I love how KOTOR 2 made Revan a much more interesting & complex character than KOTOR 1, seeing as how he doesn't appear in KOTOR 2 at all. I just loved the random tidbits you pick up from other characters about him, esp. Kreia and G0-T0. Raises all sorts of questions: was Revan a Sith at all, or was he "neutral" (a la Kreia), and just getting the galaxy ready for the true Sith? Or did he intentionally fall to get the power to stop the true Sith (a lesser evil plan), then when the Jedi wiped him he reverted to his good "save the galaxy" self? Lots of interesting tid-bits that you can discuss all day... rather than doing one's work...
  24. IIRC the "force shield" & force speed powers don't actually increase your defense, at least on X-Box. Also, apparently the Marauder's fury doesn't give you the extra attacks that it promises.
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