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  1. I would say do it. It's not a great deal, BUT the game makes pretty clear that Telos station is in a dire position currently, with NO fuel at all, and a crash relatively imminent.
  2. Also you have an intelligence score of at least 15 in order to ask T3 about the hologram (at least if you say Revan was DS female, where the hologram is Carth). You can use "Force Valor" to raise your INT to 15 and get access to the hologram if your actual int is below 15. (as long as it's no lower than 11).
  3. I'm curious: if you convert a party-member via the "losing influence" method, do they become the opposite alignment as you? As you lose influence as a Sith, Disciple will become more light-side, right? So when you convert him, is he a Jedi or a Sith?
  4. My budding theory on this is that Kreia may have set this up as a kind of "win-win" scenario. Kreia hates overreliance/dependence on the force. If she wins (and I guess kills the Exile in a special way), the Force ends, and no one can depend on it. If she loses, the Exile has proven him/herself and (now that Kreia has arranged for all of the competing Sith/Jedi masters to be killed) the Exile is left as more or less the last master, and can found a new order (Sith or Jedi) that doesn't depend on the Force. (since the Exile knows how to live without it). Though it is possible that the whole death of the force thing was just another lie.
  5. The evidence suggests that the Exile has some special ability to form force bonds, and that he has one with Kreia. However, the evidence is also pretty conclusive that Kreia flat-out lied about it being fatal if one of them died.
  6. I'm curious about the differences between light and dark side dialogues when you're making people into Jedi or Sith. When I did my Sith play-through I only converted Handmaiden & Bao-dur, so I only have limited knowledge of the differences myself, so I was hoping other people could fill in the gaps. Bao-Dur: Light side: Talks about healing planets Dark side: Talks about how, when he made shields, the Mandalorians simply punched right through them, but when he started making weapons, then they noticed & respected him. Handmaiden: Dark side:Talks about wanting to learn the force to fight our enemies and end them. Light side: ??? Mira: Light side: Talks about wanting to feel gaps in the force (?) and heal them Dark side: ??? Atton: ??? (haven't converted him yet) Disciple: Light side: ? All I remember is the meditation exercise, not sure he says much. Dark side: ???
  7. In the Jedi enclave sublevel, in the open room where you meet Disciple, you need to search around that room. In there (I think on a body) is a datapad containing directions to the mercenaries to capture Vrook. ONCE you read that, that will trigger an event that will cause Vrook to be in the crystal cave. You go find Vrook, and that will trigger the attack on the enclave.
  8. Yeah, I never got her to talk about Atris. As long as she's a Jedi, you're all set.
  9. Can you use both a lightsaber form and a force form at the same time, or are they mutually exclusive?
  10. SAVE IT before you ask her about how her people see, etc. You only have the option to ask once, and if you get [influence: failure] then the dialogue option will never come up again and you'll never get to learn it. Not that it's all that important, but if you want it, be careful.
  11. Yeah, Hanharr doesn't get enough credit. Aside from his story, I found that (when I played through the second-time, as a LS), I had more than enough Jedi around, but I was definitely lacking a giant angry wookie.
  12. IF you think you have the time to play through both games (which is probably 60-100 hours of gametime) then I would definitely get KOTOR 1 and play through it first. If not, I really loved KOTOR 2 more. KOTOR 1 was better polished (fewer bugs, more 'complete', has a much better ending), and was more difficult. BUT KOTOR 2 had a MUCH better story, notwithstanding the poor ending. I finished KOTOR 1 and never picked it up again; now I'm halfway through my second KOTOR 2 playthrough.
  13. She only takes them if you have both, and I don't feel like running through the jedi ruins again.
  14. I agree. Influence in the game is really just window-dressing. It'd be nice in KOTOR 3 if they could actually change behavior based on it, though I could see that being a lot of work.
  15. Geez, people are awfully pissed off here about humor, huh? I found it funny, at least.
  16. It's just Nihilus picking up on your himself, since your power has grown in the force. And there's no cutscene.
  17. So I was looking through the inventory recently, and what did I happen to notice but my handy "dead salvager corpse"! I guess I picked up one of the two missing salvager bodies on Dantooine, but never bothered to find the other. So I realized that (Dantooine being my first planet), that I'd just been hauling this corpse around the whole time since. Thing must really be starting to smell... Anyone else notice odd things sticking out in your inventory?
  18. In my DS Sith Lord game, Handmaiden had DS mastery fairly quickly, but my character never got it... made me feel inadequate in my evil...
  19. Yeah, they are quite good. The only thing is that Atton's skin color seems a bit off, but other than that very good.
  20. ummm.....ignore this. Anyways, this is the flaw with the influence system...all glitz, no substance. I had the same problem playing a DS male. Handmaiden was corrupted into my dark jedi apprentice, even put on the goth look and switched to black robes. But still, when I assist the evil mercenaries on Dantooine, she's all like "you're not helping those monsters, are you?" Despite the fact that she, herself, is pretty much a monster according to her alignment bar. So yes, you've exhausted most of Atton, and he'll keep whining like a light-sider.
  21. Don't listen to him. He's lying to hold you back! Kill her!!! Give into your anger!
  22. I'm not clear from your paragraph exactly when the game is freezing. IF it's freezing when you're trying to re-enter Mandalore's camp (after coming back from Onderon), then the same thing happened to me. In that case, empty your party and enter the camp by yourself, and it will work. If that's not it, then I dunno.
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