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  1. Here are my results! By the way nice Quiz! You scored as Mace Windu. You are most like Mace Windu. A celebrated Jedi master known for his unique combination of wisdom, temperance and foresight. You prefer the life of a scholar yet will charge into battle should the need arise. You created and utilize the Vaapad form for lightsaber combat. It combines the usage of The Force for acrobatic speed and precision found in Ataru, the defensive to offensive channel found in Shien/Djem So and a concentration of emotion often seen as a sign for falling to The Dark Side. You eventually are
  2. Hmmmm I will have to go back and play KOTOR1 again to see if your right!
  3. Ha another one found! LOL good job i was wondering why he looked familar.
  4. Hi, I was thinking of starting a WE HATE GRIFF/GEG CLUB! LOL I wish they had put a encounter with Griff in Sith Lords woulda been for fun all of us that want revenge on that money grubbin little tail wigglin punk. But i'm not bitter! And this is comin from a 99% of the time LS player LOL! Just think if i was a Darksider! MuuuuHahahahahahahahahah!
  5. Hi All, Not sure if this has been posted else where but here we go anyways! On Onderon in the Western Market is a merchant who has a military guard on him to keep him inline. Well the voice of that guy was the voice of Mission's Brother in KOTOR1. I only wish you expose him as Griff in disguise and then 1: Get the money he owed Revan 2: Kill him for the pure fun of it.!
  6. The only way to answer this is: If Revan himself asked me to join i would have. If it had been Malak i would have not only not joined i would have slain his weak *** and dumped his body down the central pit on Nar Shaddaa. LOL if you couldnt tell i never did like that big baby Malak.
  7. Hi All, Was Revan a Great Tactitian or just a superb wielder of the Force? Nothing that happened was not forseen by revan ahead of time, hints of this all through both games (KOTOR1&KOTOR2). As the Emporer in the movies used the force to plan his takeover of the Republic so did Revan. Even Malaks Betrayel has to be expected as this is how Sith opperate, So i would say that anyone who has to use the Force to win battles is not the best tactitian but instead a Great user of the Force.
  8. Hi, I think that if you look in the conversation about the Handmaiden's mom, She says she felt the passing of her mother. i am not positive about this and will check but i seem to recall her saying she felt her mothers death. Hope i am right LOL!
  9. Hope you enjoy this game as much as i did, i feel it was well worth the wait. I dont have a Xbox (thank the Gods) and had wanted the game for christmas but got DENIED! LOL Have fun! :D
  10. I Dont recall what LvL i changed to a prestige class but i can go back and look at my save games to see for ya then post back again in a few. Ok i became a watchmen at LvL 16 Guardian
  11. (w00t) Hey i noticed i DON'T look like anyone in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi all, Ok i admitt i encountered some minor bugs and i do mean minor. I would be interested to know how good a PC you have, cause if the puter is sucky then any high level game will run sucky!!!
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