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  1. Because you asked why Dr. Who hadn't been mentioned. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, I didn't ask a question. I made a statement. If I had asked a question, it would have been something like, "Has Doctor Who been mentioned?"
  2. I do realise this. Not sure why you had to point this out as I saw shows like Benson being mentioned which isn't action nor a tropical show. Seems irrelevant when people mention shows from the sixties like Gilligans Island. So the 80's, 90's reference seems to be irrelevant too.
  3. Concerning this story, I said on another forum... yeah and every 22 years, when the suns go into alignment and there's an eclipse by the moon, beasties come out and play
  4. I've been through the thread and if I'm not mistaken, no one has mentioned Dr. Who.
  5. hehe. I didn't think of that. you are correct. B)
  6. I ran into Whoopi Goldberg in a bookshop in Sydney and spoke with her with a friend and chatted a couple of minutes and got her autograph. I've met Keith Potger, founding member of The Seekers; Des Renford, swam the English channel 20 times; and fortunate enough to meet Ricky May before he died I've also had christmas lunch at a friends place with 5 people which included Tony Greig [the cricket commentator] and his wife Vivien. and Henry Lawson is in my family tree.
  7. I don't have any tattoo's but my g/f does. She has one on her lower back, celtic design.
  8. haha. That's quite true in a lot of cases. If you want money and heaps of it, you don't neccessarily need a degree.
  9. more meat for the grinder in Iraq. I'm sure Bush and his arm chair generals are happy, safe and sound back home.
  10. With the director Paul W.S. Andersson directing this movie... I'm going to have to agree with the tagline: "Whoever Wins, We Lose".
  11. The Boondock Saints surpised me. I saw it a few years ago and wasn't sure what it was about and it totally rocked.
  12. I'm going against the trend and will try to stay on level 0 with 0 posts.
  13. If you count fat obese women as beautiful, then America is the most beautiful country in the world.
  14. I guess that's how people can stomach supporting Bush. For some people, they seem to see Bush differently.
  15. I'm not saying the war was about the oil. If the US stays away from the oil wells to prove that they're not after the oil, then where's the best place to hide them? The oil wells!! Saddam put the WMD's in the oil wells to fool the Amerikans.
  16. The WMD's are hiding in the oil wells. That's the only place the US hasn't looked.
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