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  1. Microsoft themselves frown upon patching xbox games, unless it's online bug related and even then they don't seem to like it.
  2. Master Dahvernas you think the story is too complicated for the Star Wars universe, but the Zahn Trilogy which was written as a sequel to RoTJ was pretty well thought out itself. And Lucas gave it two thumbs up. The movies are made with all audiences in mind, the books, games, even some of the comics are made for more mature people.
  3. hahah, tthose damn clones are working on something sinister It would be crazy if you took Bao Dur with you and you got all of them at once. Midnight Hawk that is odd.
  4. I think you got that mixed up with wikipedias description of Revan from Kotor 1
  5. LOL, how is this happening, dupplicating Bao Durs and Krieas, hahaha When you reply, click browse, find the screenshot and select it, then hit add this attachment, then add reply
  6. I loaded up KoToR to check on some stuff, and I was really really missing this.
  7. But if Kriea dies you die, at least from the Exiles thinking, your gonna let a old frail lady with Sion hunting her out of your sight?
  8. kbned, the HKs want him alive, why do you think the entire beginning of the game the HK was talking about how he wanted him alive so he captured him and killed the entire plant just to make sure he can take the Exile alive.
  9. I am actually at the end of S4.. good thing I didn't read any farther then what I thought I saw coming. SPOILERZ!!!
  10. Kreia was a Sith Lord beforehand, her whole purpose in this game was figuring out how to get rid of the force. You think she wouldn't know anything besides what she learns with you? Sions whole thing is he can't die. Just look at the guys skin. Not to mention them saying HE CANT DIE several times in the game. Handmaiden stomps Atris if you train her I believe and in my game Atris said "enough" and uses force Lightining on Handmaiden to stop her if your beating Atris down. The whole purpose you wouldn't want to be away from Kriea is your character thinks if she dies you will die be
  11. Suikoden 1-3 managed 108 pretty well...Suikoden 4 on the other hand... Back to Kotor 2 - I liked the holograms. More interactive then a datapad.
  12. Mandalore joins because of Kriea mentioned the orders Revan gave him, he says we better watch her to his cronies. Not to mention the fact you say you served with Revan and he's obessed with Revan. And you are taking *his* ship to Onderan.
  13. bring this thread back http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30634&hl=
  14. if the Ewoks pay an anual toll in squirrels
  15. The Front part looks cool the lobster part looks bad.. maybe if it had more of a wolf body or something. lol@chris phone call suggestion
  16. This thread won't beat Ceciliantas Any the "OE sux" threads really are a minority to close down the forums because of them. Every recent idiotic one started has had people pounce on them.
  17. The thing on the left? If so I agree with Chris, that is dumb looking. The one on the right is badass.
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