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  1. Sorry,haven't had the time to continue this game. I'll try it later when i've got the time,thanx for the effort
  2. This just sucks.. I don't have the enthusiasim to star all over again, guess this game goes on to the shelves to gather dust..
  3. try going to Nar Shaddaa and having Atton and T3 in your party, as soon as you leave the ship and walk a few inches, Atton said you have recieved a message from Kelborn.. Ah.. wait, sorry.. thats when your actually on the nar shaddaa jedi master quest .. and thats only to contact visquis <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Tried it and it didn't work,thanx anyway
  4. Thanx, the only problem is I have done almost everything there is to be done in ALL of the available planets. I certainly hope this isn't one clitch more to the games expanding bug list...
  5. Ouh,my mistake, Kavar ofcourse. I've seen one message from T3-M4 but i had to get it out of him, and it didn't appear to be Kavar and in conversation choices there was even an question that asked if T3-M4 knew who this person was.. The message was about "her" and stuff about the jedi-council, is that what was supposed to be? Anyway,listening to the message it doesn't add any new quests or any new conversations with anyone..
  6. After i've visited all of the planets (lastly the planet where the palace is), Master Malak says he will contact me later, when is he going to do that? I've been touring all over the galaxy waiting for something to happen and done new quests while waiting. I cant get to iziz as they say it's to "hot" in there right now. And one the mandalorians says that he will contact me when it's safe to go back to iziz. What should I do in order to advance?
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