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  1. I think I'll go for the milky white eyes, that really doesn't bother me as much as the empty sockets.
  2. Very nice, an so true, so very true. Thanks for posting, keep it coming!
  3. Yay!!! *saves away multiple copies on hardrive* More more more!!!
  4. Hahaha, So true, so true. In retrospect, Dark Forces and Dark Forces II were two of my favorite FPS on PC. Ah, the good ol' days.
  5. Visas...Sigh... Any chance one of the many talented artists here could whip us up some Visas fanart? I just realized, that made post number 69... A sign perhaps?
  6. I'm gonna miss all you guys... Sniff... :'( :'( I guess it'd be pretty hard for us to all stay in touch somehow, maybe oneday we'll all meet up again in a new forum, although this one has been good to us
  7. Don't get me wrong, I love Kotor 1,2 and all them, but what if they made a game w/ more realistic damage? I mean, it makes sense in RPG's and such, but seriously, in real life, would a lightsaber only drop someone's health a few points? Eh, maybe, but probably not. I actually appreciated in Kotor 2 that a lightsaber could punch through a door in one blow. But yeah, it'd be kind of cool to have a game that relied more on skill w/ a saber. It was just something I was thinking about. Probably from playing Ghost Recon, great fun.
  8. isn't it amazing how when we were little, everything like that was so cool, and credible, like it actually mattered? But now looking back, it had absolutely no real legitamacy, like the ewok movies, the holiday special, episodes one and two... how guilible kids are!
  9. He's not that fat, i'm pretty sure it's the music that's making the camera shake. I could be wrong. Anyways, I saw it w/o the subtitles, and I thought it was pretty frickin hilarious. Addicting too, the song was stuck in my head for a whole day, dangit all!
  10. The UN doesn't need to worry about it. Endor is dead. I mean think about it, a huge-a** space station blew up in their orbit. Obviously the explosion didn't kill them outright, but do you have any idea how much asterioid sized debris is going to be raining down on them? We're talking debris the size of really big cities. Endor doesn't stand a chance. That stuff starts hitting the groung, and it's over, all the Ewoks are toast. On the bright side, at least they've been immortalized in great (Crappy) cartoon shows.
  11. I apologize, I haven't checked the titles, in a while, is the Jedi one the song that's played while you're in the rebuilt Enclave? I really liked that bit!
  12. I don't particularily like dear little Leo. However, with a few exceptions, I think he's a very good actor. I saw the Aviator, and I admit I'm biased as I'm a huge Aviation fan, and an even bigger Kate Beckinsale fan , but I thought he did a very good job portraying the complex life of Howard Hughes. Even though he annoys me, he does a good enough job becoming the character that I can forget i hate him for those 2 hours or so.
  13. Wow, Visas is one of my favorite videogame girls, on level with Bastila. But this...
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing one in the post ROTJ era, provided it took place far out on the outskirts, with absolutely no connection to the actual movies other than by names, or obviously the empire or something. Kinda like TSL where the republic was there, but you had almost no interaction with it or the main characters. Of course the chance of going to Endor and hunting ewok is very tempting...
  15. I voted yes, but man I loved Nightmare Before Christmas!
  16. 1. Visas (soooo seductive) 2. Kreia (No so seductivce, but perfect for the part) 3. Darth Sion (so cool)
  17. Visas, definately. Although I'll admit I was torn between her and Vash. If only she hadn't died. Anyways, I thought that avatars from kotor 1 were hotter than the last batch.
  18. Oops, it did get over with a while ago, I just forgot to thank you all for your input. My teacher was pretty impressed that so many people responded. Thanks again!
  19. The vets who returned home from the war got the crap beat out of them in numerous ways: financially, psycologically, physically, socialogically. To make money off of their sacrifce overseas and even in their hometowns where they should have been safe is pretty sad.
  20. I'm thinking that the eyes are not normal. Otherwise, why would the cover them? I dunno, it just struck me as something that didn't make sense.
  21. I love the Rogue Squadron series. Maybe that was because it gave you a break from the main characters, and further developed those which haven't has as much focus. It also created a cast of individuals which provided a great deal of entertainment for many. My favorite books in the RS series was the ones including Wraith Squadron. I thought Aaron Allston did a great job developing the characters, using different perspectives and dry sense of humor to do so.
  22. Hey, I'm supposed to survey people for my World View classes. Any help would be great. I didn't come up with these questions, but the more input the better. 1. Where did we come from (how did we get here as human beings)? 2. What is the purpose of life (How do we know why we are here)? 3. How should we live? 4. What happens when we die? 5. How did you arrive at that conclusion? 6. What is your impression of Christians? 7. What, if anything, would change you views? Again, any help you could provide would be great. Thanks a lot!
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