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  1. It'd be cool starting out as a Master. How much farther could you go though before you became a freaking Jedi God? In order for the game to be any fun, the dev's would have to crank up the difficulty to an enormous level. I can see it now, I'm running around on tatooine... T3: Beep-boop-beeoop! Me: Holy Tallness T3, That Jawa is the size of a ronto... Yeah, I don't know how they'd pull it off. It'd be cool though. Of course maybe you could start out as a Master, then run into some other ticked off jedi/sith who could cut you off from the force...again. Actually, that'd be perfect, because then you could be found floating through space, aboard a beat up vessel called the Millenium Falcon (hey, it had to start somewhere) and be nursed back to health by Carth (for the ladies) or Bastila Anyways, it's a thought, but yeah, other than that one problem, starting out as a master would be pretty nice!
  2. Hahaha, why would we waste time doing that when we can get a PC user to do it for us? :D We're too busy buying games with the money we didn't have to spend on constant upgrades! lol! Naw, PC's are great, I just don't have the proper hook-up to post any good pics. :">
  3. I'd have to agree with everyone who said it was a pretty good game up until the ending. I'm actually relieved it was that game and not just me. I finished it and was like "wait, did i miss a cutscene or something?" Lucasarts definately needs to let the developers off the leash if they want truly great games. I think Obsidian did a fine job considering what they had to accomplish. However, I wouldn't mind seeing Bioware do KOTOR 3 using the new Jade Empire engine. Graphically enhanced Bastilla....sigh
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