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  1. I'm probably wrong, but I heard somewhere that Clinton only took like 2o days of vacation. If that is true, that explains why he got into trouble around to office... Oh, and I go to a small Christian school, so yeah, I get to hear a lot about the honestly and integrity of Fox
  2. *Shrugs* Pretty much all my teachers swear by Fox news, I'm not impressed. Maybe I'll get one of those blockers for my history teacher's set...
  3. Talk about money down the drain. I just got a Rio Carbon for chrisitmas. It's a nice little Mp3 Player. The problem is, the top little volume wheel broke. It was just in my pocket, I reached down to lower the volume, and as i was adjusting it, i could feel the wheel pop into the casing. Apparently Rio doesn't think that qualifies as a defect in materials or craftmanship and wants 125 dollars to replace it. Any chance anyone here knows how to fix this problem? or if there's a place that does it? or better yet a an argument that will instantly convince the Folks are Rio to replace it free of charge? Any input would be great, and if you don't know what the heck a Rio Carbon is, don't worry about it.
  4. You beat me to it Oerwinde. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge fan of Fox news, but seriously, going out there and wasting money on it sounds like something all my right-wing-nutjob friends would do to get rid of those "evil" liberal new stations. lol, if you don't like it, don't buy it.
  5. I don't know if it's out there anywhere, but if you PM me, i'll email it to you (i saved it to my HD)
  6. Oh ok, I guess I missed it. I didn't want to take the chance of starting another and getting targeted. Thanx
  7. 1. Bastila 2. Visas 3. Mira 4. Kreia ... Hey, has anyone done an actual poll on this question?
  8. Well, I've just lost that much more respect for Lucasarts :angry: Actually, I think the Kotor series was the only thing that kept a shred or respect in my mind, till I realized that they had pretty much nothing to do with the series. We need someone to take on the threat of the evil Darth Lucas! Someone call Revan!
  9. *crosses fingers* The music was really good. I still liked the music in Kotor better, but TSL had some pretty good stuff. I did recognize some of the music recycled from The Phantom Menace, but oh well, good nonetheless
  10. Doh! Of all the planets to destroy! Thanks for nothing Darth Nihilus!
  11. lol, I stay pretty low key with my theories. Afterall, if people realized how much I knew, soon the Fed's would be after me.
  12. Favorites: Visas: Good story, I just wish there were more dialogue options. I was hoping for something more solid after the "force vision ceremony" thing, but no such luck. I don't know why I like her so much, she's great in combat, there's just something about her...her voice maybe? Atton: Again, pretty good dialogue. Not enough of it it though. Overall I thought he was one of the better characters, obviously as he's in my favorites list Mira: Wrist Rocket launcher? need i say more? Yes actually: "Hey, I'm not THAT old!" Kreia: I liked the comparison Master Veq-Riin made with the mentor/teacher bit. T3: Handy guy over all, it was nice to be able to talk to him more this time around. Hk: That droid looks so cool, and has a sense of humor too. Not as interesting, but still entertaining! I haven't gotten the Furball or blondie yet so I don't know what to make of them Dislikes: GO-TO: Gee, I'll give him points for looking like the torture droid in acool kinda way, but that's it. Handmaiden: Good story I'll admit, just kinda annoying, however, and I just can't go for the short hair. Undecided: Mandalore: He's pretty good, but I miss Canderous! Yeah, I realize it's one and the same, but I liked him AS Canderous.
  13. Well, I spent that summer trying to sleep in some pretty rowdy places. It's nice to have good music to drown out the sounds of morons, haha!
  14. I dunno what they're talking about, just ppl looking to boost their post count I guess. that's a good idea, it worked on Dark Forces 2, I'll go try it.
  15. Honestly, to all those who are debating getting it, i'd reccomend it. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. Sure, it may not be perfect, and maybe not quite up to par with the classic one, as people have mentioned, but it was a good game nonetheless. Even if you don't like the ending, it'll still provide 30-40 some hours of good entertainment. As far as bugs, well, I haven't enountered any yet. *shrugs and pats can or RAID*
  16. Does anyone know if or where the soundtrack can be downloaded from? There was a place you could download the Kotor soundtrack, but they can't do that anymore last I checked, something about lucasarts not having the star wars license. And I know you can download those clips from the temp internet files after visiting the official website, but i'm looking for the whole thing. Any suggestions?
  17. I think TSL, but playing Kotor brings back a lot of really good, lazy, summer memories. The same goes for the music, I managed to get the music on to my MP3 player and many a night did the Bastila theme lull me to a peaceful night's sleep . Speaking of Bastila, I know some people didn't like her, but...
  18. I'd like to see kotor 3 on the new engine Bioware is using for Jade Empire
  19. I always wanted to be an X-wing pilot *shrugs*. As for Xbox live ideas, what if one person played the protagonist, with his lightside buddies, while the other person played the antagonist with their dark posse. You would just do everything like you normally would do, trying to beat the game, rescue the princess or whatever. If you managed to meet eachother at on a planet or something, you'd fight it out, and the party who lost would end up back on their ship, stuck there while they "recovered." I dunno, probably not very practical, but maybe it has some merit.
  20. Don't care so much for the wookie. Mission I'd like to see again. It'd be cool to see where she went with her life.
  21. It's so true *swoons* Visas is by far the best! Well, i can see why you'd like Mira, but Visas for me is so much more intriguing
  22. Lol, Yeah, I prefer the non-buzzcut, but I can get past hair. But, with so many choices in this game, I'll just settle with Visas
  23. :"> I guess it was, sorry about that. The deathstar would give the Empire a big edge, but if the covenant were to make a slip stream jump within a close range, drop a lot of boarding ships...well, all those stormtroopers would have a heckuva fight coming their way.
  24. Yeah, I'm gonna have to buy the game. I rented it, which meant i had to play it all in a few days, which didn't leave a lot of time for talking. I should have just bought it, now i'll be paying the full price+plus the rental fee
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