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  1. I realize that he was just one man and people die, as evidenced by what happened in Asia. I also apologize if I came off as trite or shallow. I'm just a long time Law and Order fan who was saddened to hear that my fav character on the show had passed away after gracing us with his performances for so many years, and provided countless children entertainment through his antics in beauty and the Beast.
  2. Cool, I have a life too. The only reason I've been on as much as I have lately is that I've got a break from school, and all my friends are out of town. Once school starts back up again though, people are gonna be like "whatever happened to that conspiracy guy?" Well, probably not, afterall, it's always good to take the occasional hour long homework break
  3. lol! *shakes head, laughs* Maybe I'll just stick with the drugs
  4. Yeah Master Jedi, I tend to lean to the sarcastic side of humor. Somehow i don't think it impresses them - something to work on . Confidence should be a problem, after all, I'm a stinking jedi master! :cool:
  5. Personally I liked the interaction of the first one better. It felt more realistic, and the side quests were a lot of fun.
  6. I dunno, I'd agree with you on Kotor 1, but this last one, i never really developed a rapport with the npcs, as hard as I tried. For example, convos with Atton always felt forced, convos with Visas well...ran out of material pretty fast, Kreia was good, but overall, it just didn't feel as involved. Maybe that was just me though.
  7. Well, back to the favorite love quest character question... Bastila hands down. Best looking, best sounding, deepest character, best follow up. Runner up was Visas, who was also goodlooking (which is weird cuz you can barely see any of her), but also had a good voice, and a somewhat deep character. I was, however, dissapointed by the lack of conversation material provided. It seemed that I exausted all the topics pretty early on. And almost nothing changed after the force vision ritual. A pity...
  8. Amen brother, Amen! I was hoping for some meaningful relationship dialogue and such, and i was hoping for a follow up after the force seeing thing. I don't know about the general consensus, but Visas was WAY cooler than the Handmaiden.
  9. I don't think you can, last I heard they cut it out of the game due to time constraints. A crying shame too, it was a cool idea. Maybe they'll put it in kotor 3.
  10. First one was great, second one was good too. You can't beat the Stay-puft Marshmallow man. Man, I wish i had the ghost buster car. Talk about a pimped out ride!
  11. If it stayed space battle, I think the Empire would win, but looking at the tactics used by the covenant, in Halo 1 and 2 they always attempt boarding, rather successfully. You put a couple squads of Elites in there, with some jackels, plust hunters...Looks pretty bad for the Empire.
  12. Well, the title sums it up pretty well, but here it is: A long time ago in a galaxy far away... A scarred figure sits in his mediation chamber, sensing a presence behind him, he turns around, "Why have you disturbed me?" "Ah, Lord Vader, we're detecting multiple spatial anomalies occuring off our port bow, we thought you should know." "Very well, Captain, I'll join you on the bridge." The nervous looking captain spins on his heels and retreats to the turbolift. Meanwhile... A white armored elite paces on the bridge of a purple bulbous ship, the flagship of the Covenant navy. In slipstream formation behind him is the entire covenant armada, they are on a quest to find another Halo, since they screwed up the last two. A grunt cautiously approaches. "we've detected a human vessel, captain" ,the grunt yips, "How shall we proceed?". "Humans? Here? Impossible, nothing has survived in this galaxy far away in over a millenia!" He thinks for a moment... clicking his jaws together he turns to the crew: "We will show those infidels who they are dealing with, ready the fighters and raise the shields, we're going to destroy those meddling humans!" Who will win? My money is on the Empire, although I think the covenant have a fighting chance.
  13. No, I actually haven't. Knights of the Old Republic was my first rpg experience. My mom has always kind of frowned upon RPG's. She's bought into the school of thought that they are "evil". Of course, when it's a Star Wars RPG, she's fine with it...go figure, haha.
  14. Lol, thanks for the advice guys, haha. I really shouldn't be complaining, life is good. Well, it's nice and sunny outside so I'm gonna go do something outside, maybe a little photography while the light is good. Thanks again everyone for your encouragement!
  15. Wow, that's hard. Spiderman 2 rocked, although I tragically have to deduct points as it rewrote the spiderman comic book history. Sky Captain I liked, major points for the use of human actors merged with CG evironment. Somewhat corny, but I believe that was intentional as it was paying homage to all the classic corny 30's-50's sci-fi. Van Helsing ehhh...points for having Kate Beckinsale, but that's about it. Hmmmm, I'm gonna go with Sky Captain as corny as it might have been, it took some serious moxie for those guys to actually put it in theaters.
  16. Politics is a heckuva topic. It's just one of those things where as far as people are concerned, there is no "right" way to go about it other than their way. I am a Christian, and I attend a Christian school. However, I'm constantly at odds with my classmates because I can't stand President Bush. There is something wrong when a President depends on waving the Christian flag to rally his troops in his "crusade on immorality". Can't the guy win on anything else? The sad thing is, I share the same values he does. I've learned however, that you can't force those values on people. Even Jesus didn't do that. People gotta remember though (at least this is what I tell my classmates) that for every anti-bush joke out there, there was an anti-kerry one too. It's all in good fun people, and if you can remember that, and not take it too seriously, politics will be a lot more enjoyable for everyone :D
  17. Conratulations you guys! That truly is awesome! You both seem to be wonderfully kind, caring people. You deserve each other (in the best sense)! God bless ya and take care!
  18. Haha, of course! What was I thinking?! Wait, does anyone have Bastila's phone number? the more the merrier! :D
  19. So I'm walking through the mall the other day, after playing Kotor II for about 10 hours, and some guy bumps into me then swears at me ( I mean, I really wanted to bump him, i can't help myself *rolls eyes*. My first impulse is to equip Verpine prototype shield, and line up my force power attack, including some good ol' force choking. Of course i realized i was actually in r/l and apologized to the guy who continued to mutter all sorts of obscenities about me before going on his way. Now stuff like this doesn't bother me too much, it's life after all. And i'm probably rambling, but having unsuccessfully asked a 5th girl out, I'm starting to wonder what's going wrong. And despite what my earlier babblings might indicate, i actually have a pretty good social life. I go to parties, I'm involved in all sorts of school activities. So it's not like i'm some HS senior who hasn't left his parents basement in the past week. But it makes me wonder what life would be like if we could win "influence" with people, or use Jedi mind tricks. If you could use the force to influence people, what would you change? and my other question, which i hope is still on-topic even in the "way off-topic section" is: Any advice on what I could do differently to impress girls? I know some of you guys have girlfriends, probably most of you, and i know that there are some girls floating around here. Any advice?
  20. Who care's if the Handmaidens cranky, Visas is a heckuva lot better, IMHO. Tell ya what, I'll take Visas for a night out on the town, and then, when the Handmaiden realizes that she's no longer a threat, after a few shots, you'll be back in her good graces in no time. Sound like a plan?
  21. Wait!, What if we do? I guess we're kinda out of luck then .
  22. Don't get me wrong, I loved Shadows of the Empire, but...uh.. Yeah, after listening to Canderous talking about riding into battle in the last game, I got all excited when I heard that a Basilisk war droid would be one of the vehicles featured. Needless to say, I was bummed when i saw it was just a SOTE cast-off.
  23. Maybe this is answered elsewhere, infact I'm sure it is, but it's not "off-topic" really, and I don't have the time to search, but is there any way to woo her in the game? I hit Nar Shadda last (dumb mistake since it means missing out on GOTO and Mira) but the only dialogue I ever got was the one where she tells me that if she shared my bunk with me, the others would get jealous. (A pity, there are ways to prevent jealousy in such situations) but is there any way to get her to at least move on to a better excuse?
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